Moerman Soap

Nice review.
Do you normally do such shallow moves or was it to see the slip?

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I was just trying to demonstrate the slip. I wanted to see if there was any friction with the amount of soap that Moerman recommends we use.

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How is the soap as far as suds go? Is it similar to dish soap that has a lot of suds? I actually dont like suds because it fills up my sponge but I love the slip of dish soap.

Im currently using APC 120 which has been pretty good on both lpw suds and high slip. Not quote as much as dish soap or different slip.

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It’s not very sudsy compared to dish soap.


Is the slip similar to dish soap? Some soaps have more slip but for some reason the maneuver ability is still not the same as dish soap. The problem with dish soap is it has too much suds.

I want the same type of slip as dish soap without the suds.

Will this soap deliver?

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The slip won’t WOW you. The scent also takes some getting used to.

I think Mrs Meyers has better slip.

it wasnt bad i got a few bottles. prefer to by gallon at a time

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Mrs Myers slip is about the same. Dawn is better than both for slip

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