Moerman soap

Did moerman change their soap? It now smells disgusting and works like crap.

Sounds like most of their tools… terrible


exelerator, l;iquidator and fliq have made my life easier and jobs quicker and the pouch holds my water bottle perfectly. oh and the precut rubber is awesome


I just got a new bottle of it. Seems fine to me. I never have like the smell of it. Smelled like the smell was made for my grandmother…I like the soap too, but mainly for inside. It dries too fast outside except on cool, cloudy days with no wind, not much of that here.

I use the handle and it’s awesome, not as solid as the unger zero degree… but it has its place in the toll box.

Overall their tools feel like cheap toys and are good if you live and work in the UK market.

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i’m in canada, have dropped them MANY times as my holster did not not work for them like it did for my wagtail swipe (new holster how) never had a handle or end clip brake. i did have one button come off one fliq holder.
i use an angle adapter on my pole so one excelerator handle does everything i could do with a ledg eze, 10 or 12 inch ledger. unger 0 degree and other things i could not do with any of those so for me the vesartilty is just awesome.
my detail cloth last a week or more because generally it does not come out of my pouch.
i do almost all residential.
the only time do far i have a different channel in it was over the winter, i have couple jobs i do exterior and the soap alcohol mix is not ideal for the liquidator.
i have found the handle far more durable than wagtail


Have been using Moerman for a few years now and I agree they do feel cheap but I haven’t
had any problems with the tools.

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The liquidator alone is the best channel on the market and puts Moerman in the top-tier, period. I don’t know about their other tools that are “terrible”. I don’t understand people that just use the handle and nothing else like Steveo does. “Hey, lemme take this brilliant squeegee and ruin it with inferior channels and have to detail!” All these mods are insane and self-defeating, with clips the tool works with perfection if you know how to use it. Just watch tradman and polznbladz. I have made so much more money and save so much time and effort ditching detailing thx to Moerman. Elaborate. I don’t mean to sound sarcastic or competitive, sincerely wanna know why you think they stink.

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The liquidator channel sounds awesome, but it is far from “zero detail” and not to mention having to use a complete modified cleaning technique… I’m all set.

Nothing beats a standard channel (SS or brass) up to 14” on residential and 18” sorbo channels on storefront/commercial.

It certainly is zero detail when used properly.The only thing I have changed is adjusting my solution to the inventors recommendations. My staff and I use them exclusively,


Dude, it’s like polz says, no one can back up their claims. They simply can’t use it properly. Plus, zero detailing obviously means the glass. The people that quotation speak “zero detailing” claiming it’s essentially a lie like ProWindowCleaning does either straight up can’t use the tool properly, or get weirdly specific on “zero detailing”. OBVIOUSLY you are gonna have some suds on the bottom frame by the end, I can’t imagine any of these two possibilities being wrong. Besides, dual-wield and catch the drips as you go down, zero detailing plus very little suds on the sill and frame if any. I love your posts btw Pro, but it’s a shame you can’t see the Moerman is literally the best squeegee on the market. I am going to start a trio cult of liquidators with trad and polz when I get around to setting up a youtube. I’m obsessed with this thing.

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It’s not the suds on the bottom that I consider needing to detail… it’s the spots on the sides and tops at times that annoy me.

I tried to use that tool and gave it an honest shot for months. It sucked.

Polz is an asshole, straight up DoucheBag if you don’t agree with him he will block you after arguing with you.

It’s not a practical tool for the US market, cool if it works for you. But you’re wrong.

I don’t get spots like you’re talking about. You can claim the tool sucks but why does it work for me after a simple week of painstaking practice? I’m only 3 years into window cleaning full-time and started my own business very recently. Now, I can’t stress enough, not trying to argue here, or say I’m better, but I swear to you if you give it another shot and actually put to test what trad and polz says and the liquidator would work for you. I pin 'em, and no line problems.

You can think he’s an asshole all ya want, but frankly he has a point and have yet to hear him say anything stupid. People who mod their liquidators are fools that can’t use it, and brass mods I’ve seen where people pretend they made a liquidator? I got one question. Where’s the evidence? I haven’t seen anyone mod the liquidator that couldn’t simply use the tool properly. Excuses and fluff. I get it to a degree, I was frustrated with it, but now (to sound like polz :stuck_out_tongue: ) I’m leagues ahead of everyday trad window cleaners because I almost never ever detail. That stuff takes time, and a toll on your body.

Think of all these repetitive movements as tolls on your muscles overtime, and arguably more important (because the physical toll is minute if you’re in proper form and don’t strain) is the time saved. He has a good video proving you can literally get a big window done faster with a FLIQ combo than a 46 inch brass squeegee. He didn’t fake or tryhard anything, I forget the vid title, but that dude is far from a douchebag. He’s possibly one of the best and smartest window cleaners out there, and he’s humble. Always told me don’t assume he or trad or anyone knows it all and they are willing to learn and adapt. Be your own man. That’s far from as asshole, not just subjectively but objectively.

Work like a surgeon, get rid of that brass crap. It’s holding ya back imo, bro. Stick to your roots either way, we can agree to disagree, but you’d make more money gettin’ good with the liquidator. If another product comes out and bests it, that’d be even cooler, but long story short detailing is a dinosaurs problem and the liquidator defeats it.

Also, I’m in the states. This UK-only thing is baffling. Works fine.

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I also have been exclusively using liquidators for the past several years.
For the windows I clean, they are 99% modern windows all have rubber seals that are in good condition so I don’t get corners torn up like older type windows ( my old location had heaps of older windows)

I would agree with older window seals that are not in good condition that you would probably chew through corners fast which would lead to the problems many people have with the tool as in leaving arcs and what not. In this scenario the liquidator may not be the best tool.


I too used liquidators exclusively for my first 3 years. I thought it was the bees knees.
I’ve tried it Modded, unmodded, 2.0 and 3.0, and various sizes. I loved it - as a newbie.

I would not recommend the liquidator anymore. I’m glad some like it. To each his own :v:



Because you didn’t have to learn new habits. :slight_smile: My daughter picked up on
it much quicker than me with 20 years of habit.

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yes! it is much easier to train new staff than with old fashioned gear.

however if you are open it is easy to learn. i had used ettore for a few years, then wagtail high flyer, then moerman. i really don’t think of my technique with moerman being different the concepts are the same except that moerman allows you to do a complete detailed job on the glass with the squeegee and save time and save wear and tear on your joints.

add to that the emormous saving in time, increase in quality, safety and customer appreciation you get from being able to stick it on a pole for high insides.

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lol Steve Harvey would definitely be a brass man, no hate. I’d still rip him at a speed run competition at his best. You can’t beat the mo, yo. Dang, now I wanna window clean with Steve so bad right now, it’d be so much fun training him and hearing his commentary. Interesting take though. This is the most unique opinion I’ve ever read about the liq. Like seeing a blue unicorn before my very eyes. Well, like ya said, to each their own!

Can be used on any type of window but for sure is harder on wood frames. My house is all wood frames, so my training was extra frustrating with it. With more precision it can easily be done, but definitely very hard at first.