Moerman Standard NXT-R Squeegee Rubber - GIVEAWAY

We’d like to do more giveaways here - are you guys game? :slight_smile: Details below:


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To Enter:

  1. Comment on this thread and tell us your favorite Moerman product.

The Prize:

Moerman Standard NXT-R Squeegee Rubber 18 inch 10 Pack: Moerman NXT-R Squeegee Rubber | Replacement Rubber | WCR –

The Details:

  1. Winner will be chosen RANDOMLY - please do not message or contact us to complain, accuse of us of playing favorites or rigging it if you lose, you will ruin it for everyone. Let’s keep it fun!

  2. The contest winner will be announced on Friday, November 13th.

Good luck!*

Bucket on a belt!

Excelerator 2.0! (Handle)

Moerman 2.0 Handle

The Moerman BOAB! Classic.:sunglasses::smirk:

Specifically the Drywalker Flex BOAB! It feels so cool to assemble after rinsing it out, looks cool, and works great!

Moerman 2.0 handle. I’ve converted a 20 years sorbo guy to using it!

Excelerator 2.0 handle and Liquidator 2.0.
Used all ettore for 18 years, (still use ettore rubber), switched to Moerman 2 years ago and never looked back.

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I’ve got the boab, works great

Excelerator 2.0 handle and Liquidator 2.0. and BOAB

I’m a huge fan of the moerma excelerator and liquidator 2.0 combo. I have the 18, 14, and 10 inch and it’s all I use along with the fliq pads! It’s the only squeegee that fanning really clicked for me with.

Congrats @Rutledgepwc you are today’s winner! Messaging you now for your email and shipping address :slight_smile:

I love the latest version of the Side-Kit. The newest design has a better configuration of the pockets. :+1:

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I love the excelerator 2.0 handle!