Money Back Guarantee

To those who have a money-back guarantee in place:

Have people ever asked for their money back? If so, do you simply give them their money back, or do you try to deal with the problem and fix it? Have you had scammers try to use the money-back guarantee to get a free cleaning? If so how have you dealt with it, do you put any fine print or limitations on the guarantee?

Sorry for the huge amount of questions. But I’m looking at, if I have a guarantee, how do I protect myself from scammers or those wanting a free ride. Or are those concerns overblown? Any other drawbacks in the moneyback guarantee? I know there are a lot of benefits.

I have only ever had ONE person take me up on the money-back offer, and it was a weird situation where the work was done twice by two people, including me.

Just lots of confusion, so I honored the guarantee.

No shady character has ever tried to rip me off with it.

Always offer and honor it, and work your hardest to make sure the client is totally happy, and you’ll have no problems. Treat the client like gold, and small or insignificant lacks in workmanship will be totally invisible to them.

Not only have I never had a problem with it, I have never heard of anyone who has (in window cleaning)

Scammers? I’ll tell you what Mike, I get a little disappointed when WE worry about being scammed so much. It really does not happen.

Now that we looked at it from our side, let’s ask the question in reverse.

Have you ever been duped by a crappy service? Have you ever felt robbed?

How much of society would say “YES, many times!”

Focus on the importance of the guarantee as it is about building a feeling of trust in a skeptical market.

They doubt you a lot more than you doubt them…

I offer a money back guarantee also, and never had any issues. But for some reason they want it back, they can’t just tell me “im not happy with the service”, there should be a reason. But like I said, ive never had an issue ever either.

You had better make that clear. Kind of a bs guarantee that is close to worthless. Basically you are saying-

Satisfaction Guaranteed [SIZE=“1”](as long as I agree)[/SIZE]

I offer a not satisfied, not paying guarantee. Money back means that they have paid and I left. I want them happy then and there. Take care of any issues while I am there.

Very comforting for them to know they do not need to track me down later.

Although, I really do not care if any of you got the stones to guarantee your work or not. Why do I even try to talk people into it.

I’m out of this… Do what you think is best. It is your company.

It’s true.

A zero-conditions guarantee is the most motivating, and the most persuasive.

[INDENT][B]Think of it this way:[/B]

If you saw a new burger joint in town that offered a $13 burger (not cheap, and considerably more $ than ever other place in town) that promised to be the absolute BEST burger you’ve ever tasted, or money-back, would you give it a try?

[CENTER]Honestly, if a huge banner hung outside said this:

[B][SIZE=“5”]“The Best Burger You’ve Ever
Tasted or Money-Back!”[/SIZE][/B]

Would you walk in and order one?[/CENTER]

Of course you would! (I chose burgers because studies have shown that hamburgers rank as the #1 favorite restaurant menu item for guys)

Now, imagine you’ve ordered one, sunk your teeth into it, and discovered that it is a really really really good burger, but maybe not better than the best burger you’ve tasted. But the presentation of the burger on your plate is beautiful and different, your waitress is really friendly, the restaurant is sparkling clean, the bathrooms are spotless, and the service has been amazing - quick and attentive.

Are you going to march up to the counter and ask for your money back?[/INDENT]

Give people an enjoyable, friendly, memorable experience when they have their windows cleaned by you, and they will NEVER leave you, never mind try and rip you off on a technicality.

It won’t happen.

Great illustration kevin

Before you jump the gun on this one CFP, maybe you should have asked my why I want to know a reason. And I wouldn’t be just asking in a worthless way either, or to try and argue with them or make the reason sound like its not valid. my not satisfied-no payment does not have conditions at all. I would be tactfully asking what made them unsatisfied with their service so that I may improve the service and avoid making the same mistake with someone else. Also, my clients [B]do not pay me unless they are satisfied[/B], so nobody ever calls me days later saying i want my money back.

Me jump the gun? never lol

I may not have understood this correctly-

"But if for some reason they want it back, [B]they can’t[/B] just tell me “im not happy with the service”

I guess I screwed up. Sorry

its all good, its easy to no put things down in writing the way we would say them in person, so i guess my post could have been written better the first time around.

I have been biting my tongue about this whole issue and I don’t know why…

But here goes…

People that steal, or have stolen, always think people are gonna steal from them.

People that have scammed, always think people are going to scam them.

But there is a reality that has an undeniable truth. That simple fact is that deep down, people are generally honest and have a heart.

I offer a Total Satisfaction Guarantee. Starting out my work was less than perfect, yet not one person said they were dissatisfied. They never called back. But they didn’t say anything either.

Even though it is semantics. Make your guarantee of “total satisfaction” rather than “Money Back”. If someone asks… let em’ know.

“I won’t leave until your totally satisfied.”

Then you can still collect a check without remorse. Cause at least you did your part.

You are all wrong :slight_smile:

Especially you CFP :slight_smile:

I offer 2 warranties

  1. 30 day rain. Mrs. Goldensteinburgermillerschlop, if it rains any time in the next 30 days, and your windows get trashed, I want you to not worry. Instead, I want you to go to your phone, pick it up and call me. I will come TOUCH UP ANY WINDOWS THAT GOT TRASHED in the rain.

  2. I shoot for perfection, YOUR complete satisfaction is my goal. I am about to leave but once I am gone, i am not done. If the sun hits your windows at sometime during the next FEW DAYS and you see something you don’t like…promise me you will call?

Takes 10 seconds. Now and again someone has called. When I was learning to fan, i was leaving little bitty trails. Hard to see in the shade, and I have yet to learn how to move the sun for inspection. I have driven 45 miles one-way to fix three windows.

I have driven 25-30 miles for a client who is 96 years old, and forgot she has stains. I drive, wipe em for her while she watches…she says “You got them last time” I smile and say “No Mam, they wont come off without a machine.” she says “O yeah, I forgot.”

I also ask three or foru windows before done, “Mrs Finketuble?” “I am about finished, would you care to have a walk-through and make sure you like what you see because I am about to ask for the cash?”

[B][I]“The” [/I][/B]Mrs. Goldensteinburgermillerschlop ?


I think I do her sister Matilda’s house, up here in Toronto.

I like that deal Phil, for sure. I have lots of clients that are not home when I come. So I can’t do the “take a look before I leave” thing.

That’s why when I sell them I explain that once we’re done, they can have a few days to take a look around and make sure they’re totally happy before they pay.

And then I email or snail-mail the invoice.

Screw that…

People are good and honest but I ask for payment due at point of service.

“Who do I make the check out to?”

“Ma’am, my best friends call me Cash.”

Don’t they simply use your company name from your business card and invoice?

Paneless…I have done work before with the client away…no longer.

I live in retirement USA…everyone is home. Only they go to bed at 6:00 PM.

Louie, you are scaring me bro. I started to wonder when you stated the whole “fly by night” company description. This is fly by night and sorta bottom rung.

I have had customers say “I will make it out to cash so you do not need to claim it” What I do in those situations is not for forum discussion.

If you ask them to make it out like that, it could be perceived as a snake oil salesman type of situation.

let alone a lot of us on here pay taxes. None of us want to but we do.

Sometimes you sound like you are rolling in the right direction, then at others you sound like a fly by night low baller.

What is the marketing lesson here? Perceptions are everything.

Dang fellas…

I was just joking…:smiley:

Though I do have a bit of salesman in me. I don’t know about snake oils…

Believe it or not… I am one of the more expensive companies here in OKC. I have to pay labor, unemployment insurance, taxes and the like. Just like everyone else.

The comment about the two failing companies I had mentioned before… That was two different sets of guys who worked for me that decided they could do what I do and branched off. With zero experience and no one to help them.

I started that way… sorta. But I had you guys. I read for a year over at the NWCD before I even registered.

[B]This is a forum.[/B]

When I am on here I joke and say things I would never say in front of or near a customer. As alot of us do.
Your perception of me on an internet forum is not that big of a deal.[/SIZE]

What I do and what I say with and around my customers… different story.

Get over yourself bro and relax… It’s all good.

oh believe me, I am over myself.

I notice you have a sense of humor, but who knows when something is in jest on a forum with out- :smiley: - :stuck_out_tongue: - :wink: - :slight_smile:

That is what those thingys are for.

I don’t give 2 squirts of pee for what people think of me, on any forum…

What about one squirt?? :smiley:

Guess I do need to use the smilies a little more often.