Mortar removal

Can any one give some advice on removing mortar quickly with no damage to frames.

If it just on the frames, or glass too?

vinyl frames? let the customer know first… there’s always a chance of damage when removing mortar from frames or glass.

that said;

for the frames, go to a paint store and pick up a plastic putty knife and carefully scrape off the splatter, the softer plastic should take most of the damage. use lots of water and rinse often.

for the glass I use regular 1 inch razors VERY CAREFULLY rinsing very often and changing blades often. A nicked blade will cause more damage than the actual scraping of mortar, take your time, back charge the concrete installer (you might want to make that clear before you start with both client and concrete installer) and teach them a lesson.

if there’s any residue left on the frames you can polish it off with #2000 grit sand paper sold at most auto body shops, its worked for me.

good luck,


I would use a mortar dissolver

Cement off works rather well

haven’t ever used disolver, if it works well that would be the ticket, if it’s only a few windows a careful scrape has always worked well for me.
the stuff I’m used to is the brush off from exposed aggragate around kitchen nook windows and doors. I’ve done literally hundreds and haven’t had any problems other than extra time.

If disolver saves time and effort and works, yeah use it.

might be a safer option.


and it seems to permanently stain anything other than metal frames and glass on contact like stucco concrete grout etc