Moss and debris removal

The customer had a good amount of moss on his roof but wasn’t worried about getting every single piece…So it was a lot cheaper for him because I dint have to got threw the seams with paint scraper or have to hose it down. Down below shows my helper starting the moss removal while I was cleaning gutters.

Wow, roof cleaning in the northwest is a whole different animal.


To each their own. I offer treatment-only services, cuz that stuff above is too much work!

thats what im learning form talking to people on the east coast mid west and such…

Did you treat it first or just manual removal?

Here in California it is not so thick but we always pressure wash and it comes out perfect and makes us big money. I would say though that if the customer was happy with that and you were happy with the price then it’s all good!

pressure washing takes to many roof granules off…unless are you using a low pressure tip?

Manual - here in Wa there are a lot of people that dont believe in using Zinc Powder there all about going green…If thats what you mean by treat??

I am only pressure washing tile roofs, not asphalt shingles. I agree that pressure on asphalt is a bad idea.

Here in WA state most of the homes have composite roofs…Forgot Ca doesnt have many so I understand your method…I didnt see your response before i posted this…lol


I’d worry that if you’re just sweeping it clean without a treatment that you may actually be spreading it around in a way. I’d be curious to see if the following year it came back thick as ever. I totally understand what you mean by “green” customers and doing what makes them feel comfortable though. Heck, if sweeping it around does spread the moss spores everywhere I guess that’s just job security for you!:slight_smile:

I broomed/scraped moss off once, seriously when asked now I say no or bid it at two days. The second day is to recover from that junk.

  1. You can not listen to what people outside of your region do for moss, our moss is not like theirs

  2. You got two choices

a) Chemically treat, plenty of people will go this way but I find unless they do it twice a year consistently they are throwing money away

b) Gentle pressure wash of roof. To compete in this market (King County) better have a 8 gpm rig or more. Sure you’re gonna remove some of the comp, but that thick moss with its roof growing into the material and retaining water isn’t doing much good for it either.

My two cents for whatever its worth