Most effective way to expand services?

So I’m interested in your opinions on the best way to expand my business on the back end of things.

My main money maker is window cleaning, and I’m set up as an LLC with a name specifying me as a window cleaner.

That said, I live in the upper peninsula of Michigan, and our service year is rather short. So to get through the winter months, I’m setting up a laminate/hardwood floor cleaning operation. (It’s a bit of a match made in heaven, I’m in customer homes all day cleaning windows, get to see their floors etc.)

Would you change your LLC to a name indicating Home Services rather than just window cleaning, or set up a DBA under your LLC and specify the focus of that additional business?

Copperdale Window Cleaning, LLC
Copperdale Home Services
Copperdale Floor Cleaning

Thank you for any advice!

Just register another DBA under your LLC.

For fastest traction advancing your new service(s), start a google business page with a separate phone number for your new DBA, and get your NAPs listed on all of the free directories. Use the free Google website builder for a quick and simple site.


You could for starters simply advise your customers of additional services that you provide. My feeling is if you sell yourself as “Home Services” that entails a whole lot of other stuff that you have no intention of offering, therefore having to tell potential customers “Well, no I don’t do that, or that, or that, but I do this.”