Most Useful Non Window Cleaning Tool

I know many of us have discovered that one tool that we refuse to do w/out. For me it’s my Leatherman tool. For anything from tightening a loose screw on a swivel handle to trimming a small tree branch that’s rubbing a window. I wouldn’t be w/out it.

I would say leatherman to.

Definitely my Leatherman. But my cordless screwdriver and angled putty knife are close runners up.

My super secret widget for removing Pella storm window panes. Would be lost without it!:stuck_out_tongue:

2-foot Werner stepladder.

Why? Are you as vertically challenged as Craig?:p:D

Yes…i too love my 2’ step its my favorite ladder! At least i dont feel too vertically challenged when im on it:D

While on the subject of ladders i also LOVE my Denver’s!!

My Mountain Dew, couldn’t work without it

Now Craig will have to amend his answer to Starbuck’s!:wink:

Yes…:smiley: hail to “Starbucks” and all its glory!!!

My local Starbucks (oh wait – which one? – there are a gazillion of them…) just opened a new Starbucks in their own men’s restroom. Now you can enjoy a latte while you’re having to take a sh1t because of all the coffee you drank.

Ladder Stand Off / Stabilizer. Makes ladders sets safer by preventing sliding. Gives me plenty of room to work. Keeps Gutters from getting bent all to heck while cleaning them. Best $20.00 I ever spent (per ladder that is).:smiley:


I have two Werner aluminum extension ladders and use the 97P (Span adjustment: 49", 57" or 65". Stand-off distance: 12" or 29-1/2".) adjustable stabilizer on both – I have the necessary hardware bolted-on, and can pick which ladder to add the stabilizer to.

I have the basic ones on all my Werner ladders. I have the adjustable one that goes up to 70 something inches. Bought It from Detroit Sponge or falk years ago. Dont use it too much though. I also have a standoff called a corner buddy. Works great when installing gutter guard on hard to reach 90’s.


Yeah – I saw that somewhere ( and thought it would be real handy in some cases.

My new truck!

Which brand/model/accessories?

It’s a 05’ GMC Sierra K1500 Z71 Reg. cab short box (wideside). It’s fun to drive. Makes going to work more fun. I put a handy ladder rack thats removeable. Mounts on one side only. I only use ladders a couple of times a month. More in spring, summer, fall, much less in winter.

I’d have to go with Map Quest. It’s so much easier than asking a customer for directions or trying to read a regular map.

Even better than mapquest - use a GPS. It will pay for itself in no time. Now I never have to write/print out directions to jobs for my employees - just enter the address and it will take you there turn by turn.