Most Useless Tool in Window Cleaning

I thought of this topic when I was posting for the most useful tool… I can say my choice is The Tricket. Its a little scissor tool made with a small pair of squeegees primarily used for Jelousy windows (Clearly, you know these, Fla. has them everywhere). I ordered one with really high hopes (Had a huge job with jelousy windows on the schedule). This thing looked like the the ticket when it came to using it on these windows. Biggest P.O.S! I couldnt believe that I fell for it. I couldnt give that sucker away:mad:


Can’t think of one thing in particular. But this post reminded me of when I started years ago. I had 5 ladder sections, a bucket, a sponge, one handle, 2 squeegee’s, a #9 blade, a pole, and a few towels. That’s all I needed. I didn’t even have a vehicle. I used to borrow my friends. Now I have a van loaded down with just about everything (except a Tricket).:slight_smile:

I had this winspray boab. horrible leaked water all over the place.

Ego and arrogance.

Wagtail flipper! I got one in a giveaway and tried like crazy to use it but it just wasn’t to be. I know some guys swear by them but it is worthless in my opinion.

About 2 years ago Unger had a BOAB that was made specifically for right handed window cleaners only. It was very slender and dark green in color. I’m a lefty so it did me no good. I’m sure I’m not the only left handed window cleaner in the world so I’m sure someone else was annoyed as well.

Left handed people annoy me. JK

Its all good Stud! Im a southpaw too & proud of it! After all left handed people are in there right mind:D

Count me in as a lefty! I guess great minds travel in the same circles huh guys?!

They do it all backwards.

I don’t know what tool I have tried that was a total piece, I am sure there have been a few.

I can tell you a product- windex outdoors

They should be sued :slight_smile:

I quoted a job a few years back that the homeowner used Windex Outdoor and it wrecked her windows. She called me to give her the quote. She said that Proctor & Gamble told her to get an estimate and they would pay her for having her glass redone by a PROFESSIONAL. I thought that it was funny as hell. I gave her the quote but she never had me do the windows. She probably pocketed the $$. Her windows looked like someone threw a glass of milk on them. That stuff is a joke. They need to stick to glass endtables. Thats the only thing that Windex is somewhat acceptable to use on.


Why is that?

I’ve cleaned a few windows that had been “done” by the husband w/ this crap. Always an adventure:eek:

Wagtail flipper & the tricket. I think both need time to get used to, but its time on the job I don’t have. The other one was the magnetic blade saver - what a joke, it dissapeared off my bucket within a week. Probably still stuck to someones fridge?

To answer your question Larry,
Windex has alcohol it it which means that it dries fast. Mix that with sunlight and dirt and you have a solution that produces a ****ty job. As for the glass end tables, they are (usually) indoors and are most likely not burning hot from the sun with all the filth associated with outdoor windows. Saw a new improved version of windex while grocery shopping over the Summer that read “Now with more alochol”!:confused: LMAO! Basically what im saying is that it has very little hang time.


Hey I’m a leftie too. They need to make more tools for lefties.

Lefties are usually very creative people. Look how handy it is to have a leftie in baseball.

I’m a lefty too!

There are more lefties around that I had originally thought. I agree that the industry could use some more tool for us lefties.

I see this item to be useless…although I have never used it. I would be embarrassed to wear it.

It is the [U]splash guard[/U] for the bucket on a belt.

I cant imagine that people would even buy one.