Mr clean magic erasers

Are magic erasers abrasive at all? I am bidding a job with tempered glass and someone already scratched the glass and had to replace it so it is sensitive. the majority of stuff on the windows is small specs of paint…some concrete here and there and also sticky stuff from where they took a sticker off. What is the best way to remove the sticky stuff without abrasive material? I am going to put up vids and pics later of the job. This is the biggest CCU job i have ever done very big… gonna need help on pricing probably:cool:

No they are not abrasive. they work well on tempered glass. I use em all the time for ccu work. Just good to have on hand.

No they are not abrasive. they work really well on tempered glass. I use goof off for the stick stuff. Some times there is silicone residue from the sloppy glass installers. Could be caulk as well or glue from manufacturers stickers.

The magic erasers should be perfectly safe on this job, and will probably work great for the sticky stuff. You may need something a little more aggressive, for the paint specs, though. Steel or bronze wool may do the job (make sure to use #0000).

Bronze wool @ #000 is the finest I have found. #0000 for Steel wool.

A plastic scraper works ok and no threat of scratching. Also goof off or Titan Oil-Flo for sticky. Sometimes you can use denatured alcohol (what painters use to clean up wet silicone caulk)

Wont the steel wool scratch the glass?

Not unless its rusty. That’s why bronze wool is better- it doesn’t rust.

Plastic scrapers can dislodge fabricating debris and cause scratches. What’s worse, is that the FD will embed in the plastic and scratch every window you use it on after that. Much safer to use razor blades, if you are going to use a scraper.

You mentioned concrete on the glass so I’d be worried of [U]that[/U] scratching the glass if you dislodge it with the magic eraser. It might be best to first break that down using some oil-flo with a microfiber before you do anything heavy handed.

Good point. The dreaded fab debris. Ugh

Can you use oil flow on any type of glass?

As far as I know yes. I think it’s even safe on plexiglass.

Using one now does a fantastic job on vinyl framing, plastic vinyl window frames.
I got my WCR, thanks [MENTION=4]Alex[/MENTION] !

Anyone mentioned getting a “signed waiver” yet?

With glass already replaced because of a scratch I wouldn’t touch it without a waiver. Anyone use these?

Just ask [MENTION=14804]Gary Mauer[/MENTION] why you shouldn’t use one of those…

Asked and answered - those are plastic scrapers.

Also - I suppose this job is already done, but I don’t recommend working for people who sue window cleaners.
Maybe if you have an ironclad waiver that your lawyer likes - otherwise, run like hell.