Mr. Sanchez#14 BOABmod1


[SIZE=5][B]Tubex Holster Available Here![/B][/SIZE]


Nicely done! Cool mod

Yeah thats a dang good idea… I wish I thought of that… I used that exact boab for years…

Nice job Sanchez!

Thanks Mark. That’s why I switched to Unger. If Pulex only knew how many BOAB sales they lost.

Now I have to deside what’s more important, a slot for my small razor (Unger) or an extra squeegee slot (Pulex)? :confused:

Sounds like Mr. Sanchez#15 BOABmod[B][SIZE=“4”]2[/SIZE][/B] video.

Nice job!

I’d like to request more Allman Brothers, please.

Good for sharing. Nice fading music as well

Good job brotha.

I have the Pulex BOAB w/clip. It’s really the only one I ever used so I cant compare.
Yeah it hangs a low but I got use to it hitting my knees I guess because I don’t really notice it anymore. I threw the “complimentary” string away years ago.
Uncle Phil calling in the middle of a shoot, funny. When will he make another cameo appearance?

Play Some SKYNARD!!!

Good mod there Matt!

That “peanut butter jelly time” song made me remember something…

Back in high school, in spanish class, I was always giving the teacher problems. Not bad problems, just funny ones.

During test he would always play classical music, like Beethoven and Bach. Supposedly this music was supposed to help us do better on the test, but it never ever helped me. I burned him a cd for the next test. I had 2 classical songs on it… but the 3rd “song” was “peanut butter jelly time”. I also increased the volume of the song before I burned it so it would be a lot louder then the classical music.

Somehow I didn’t get in any trouble…

good prank!
I love pranks…

Thanks, nice mod, will give it a try.

Thanks, nice mod, will give it a try.