Mr Sanchez 5 Buckets


[SIZE=5][B]Buckets Available Here![/B][/SIZE]


Thanks, Mr. Sanchez!

I’d like to request some At the Drive-In.

[I]In all affairs it’s a healthy thing now and then to hang a question mark on the things you have long taken for granted[/I]


TY Sanny for the vid.

Good stuff as usual Sanchez. Having a little stache problem today?

[I]“Dirty French Windows”[/I]

LOL…Cracked me up! :stuck_out_tongue:

Pic from Phil… Love it!

Is this a sign?

Topic was boring as hell.
But enjoyed the video as always. The ending was pretty funny. That could have been totally edited out but you went with it. Great stuff!:slight_smile:

my first boab was made out of a plastic soda bottle,those pulex boab have 3 large slots,nice

Man, that’s so hardcore!:smiley:

Never saw the soda bottle idea. I have seen the PVC pipe thingys though. Man, am I glad i don’t have to wear one of those.

I been thinking about loosing the boab anyway. Big fat pain in the arse if ya ask me.

Perhaps you didn’t follow the directions regarding how/where to wear it.

THAT was funny.

I am tellin ya, being second fiddle has it’s advantages.

I love your creativity. But damn, that’s ghetto!:smiley:
Do you have photos of that?

three large slots to slide your channel in :smiley:

Mr. Sanchez be coolin’ off in Da Fridge!