After I got a roasting on WCR nation this week for the “back of head” shot. I thought it would be good to post a mugshot. So here it is…

Feel free to add your own below. The great thing about this site is the video & picture medium. I feel like I already know Chris & Alex.

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here I am with my son Ethan…he don’t know it yet, but he’s a future employee!

you all know what I look like but here’s a new avatar pic.

p.s. sign the sorbo petition

Hey Crazy Cleaner. Nice father & son picture. That’s awesome.
Karlosdaze- nice to meet you face to face.
Here is me and my family

Me (Mark, for those who don’t know me by name) on the job.

So, I’ve noticed Larry has yet to post a pic…

Anything in my teeth?

Alright Larry! nice to put a face to the name.

This mugshot thing was a great idea.

Thanks Karl

Alright we are almost full circle here I just need a CFP pic and well be good to go.

your right i think many would like to see CFP mugshot too! I love putting a face to the names!

Was that said in context :confused:

haha. I meant “put” not “but”.

My bad, no disrespect.

Good eye, Mr. Robinson – I saw that too, but figured karma would take care of things in its own way.

Thanks for the apology, Alex. I owe you one too (I purchased an Alex voodoo doll earlier today next to the Mother’s Day card display at Hallmark – just in case karma is down with the flu.)

Now is this double play on Alex’s post about butts or your space-station eye?

Eye don’t know what you are referring to.

You know…the towel holder.

I always refer to the towel holder by its formal name – Hazel.

Hazel? Do you have a mugshot?

Larry if it makes you feel any better… Alex makes fun of me all day everyday…

Well, it’s really a BOAB / towel and squeegee holder.