Multi-Ladder Systems Comparisons

I know some people either love these ladders or hate them. I need opinions from those that at the very least, like them and use them.

I have a Cosco brand multi ladder (Little Giant clone) and love it. The only problem is it’s too short. (15’ or 17’ working height). I want to buy a new one and I’m trying to decide between the following.

The little Giant Model 26 (23’ extension/ 26’ working height)

The Jaws Ladder (23’ extension/ 26’ working height)

The hinge systems work different on each. The thing I like about the Jaws ladder is that you get more combination of angles in setup. The Little Giant angles are A frame or Extension.

Both can be used as a scaffold.

Price in Cdn funds. Little Giant $435
The Jaws ladder is $425

I’m hoping to get some opinions soon because next week The National Home Show starts and two or three ladder companies will be there and I’d like to get a deal.

Buy a 24’ ‘real’ ladder, and a 10’-12’ step instead, both from Home Depot, and save yourself $250.

I’ve had the 22’ (23’?? maybe) JAWS for 6 years, and I love it, its been very tough, but if you already have a JAWS-type smaller one, go with real ladders now.

I have purchased (2) 17’ Werners from Costco – USD79
I have purchased (1) 22’ Werner from Lowes – USD169 (sale)
I have purchased (1) 13’ Werner from Lowes – USD59 (sale)

To date, I have had no issues with Werner’s LG knock-offs. I have used the two 17-footers in combination with a 10’ plank as a tall-ish scaffold.

I also have and use Werner extension ladders (and 97P and QuickClick stabilizers) from 16’ - 32’ and Werner step ladders from 2’ - 8’; they all have their place.

Don’t forget a PiVit Tool and a Ladder Stopper (I use them often), and possibly leg levelers.

I forgot to mention I was looking at the Werner as well. They seem to be the best of both worlds. (function and price) And yes I’ll be looking at leg levellor and standoff attachments and a ladder stopper.

Paneless; I was planning to sell my shorter multi ladder once I got the bigger one. I really love these ladders (as if you couldn’t tell) and I don’t even have a real issue with the weight of them.

I use the Werner 22’ and it replaces the need to carry a 24’ extension ladder and up a 12’ double sided stepladder. The cost of buying those two ladders exceeds the cost I paid for my Werner. Sure you have to get used to the weight but the versatility more than makes up for it. Now figure in the extra drag of the ladders on your roof (the Werner has a nice low profile compared to a double sided step) and you’re looking at a gas savings as well. Maybe not much but at these prices every little bit helps right?!

The Werner sounds good, but here’s what doesn’t sound good.

Werner MT 22’ (19’ / working height 22’) cost $209 at Lowes.

Werner MT 26’ (23’ / working height 26’) cost $441 at Lowes.

A wopping $232 difference, just to gain another 4 feet. :eek:

I have the Jaws and use it occassionally. I much prefer to use an extension ladder if that’s what’s called for. i have used the Jaws as a step as I don’t own another that is that tall.

Lowes has Werner promotions throughout the year. Is the MT-26 a special order, or does your Lowes stock that model (mine has the MT-13, -17, and -22.)

Check out the MT-26 here ($308.85 + $6.96 shipping!):

and here ($276.44 + $50.00 shipping):

I haven’t check my Lowes yet (They just came to Canada very recently) I went by their main web site.

Those other prices you listed are great. As I mentioned in my first post, I’ll be attending the National Home Show here in Toronto and will see what kind of deals they have. Hopefully I’ll be able to get one of the competing ladder companies to put together a ladder + accessories package deal.

I’ve seen great promotions at fairs by Little Giant, for example – 3 or 4 accessories (platform, stabilizer, leveler, rack) thrown in with a reduced ladder price.

I fancy one of these for the small stuff:

I have a Werner 22’ Multi-Ladder that I use only in the “A” frame position on stairs, as a bridge over shrubbery to high and low windows, and all sorts of situations where my 20’, 24’, or 28’ Werner Extension ladders just won’t get it.

I wouldn’t rely on the multi-ladder for everything because it would be so much trouble (time consuming) and it does have some weight to it. But as an additional ladder to use along with my extensions it’s priceless.

‘with my Werner multi I don’t need to carry an extra ladder unless I need a 32’.

The Werner pricing I quoted from Lowes was from, the American site. As doesn’t have a catalog up yet.

Well I visited the only Lowes in Toronto and they are asking $248 for the MT17 (15’ / 17 working feet) ladder. That’s the same size I have now which I paid $150 for Cosco Brand from Walmart.

Some companies still price vastly different for products between America and Canada even though we’ve been at par for a while now.

I didn’t care for the Werner ladder design. Mostly because of the rungs. Mine are flat straight across (good footing) where the Werner rungs were pinched at the ends and riveted. I guess that leaves Little Giant or Jaws for me to choose from.