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So I was thinking that if I had my area I work in in my domain name it would rank higher, I have no idea if this is the case or not, or if having multiple domains with the area, all linked to the one page would push more traffic to the page.
These are things I just do not know if it would be waste of money and time to do this?

One reason I ask is my internet security prevents me from visiting a competitors site claiming it has phising software on it.

They have their domain as:

I wonder how many other poeple’s internet security would prevent them from going to this site?

The same domian with a is available, their company name is not what the domain is so is is wrong for me to buy the while its avialable, would it rank higher on search due it having the area in the domain?

If any of my presumtions are correct if I was to buy several and all direct them to one site would I have a higher rank on google searches or would more traffic be dirrected to my site?

If anyone has any ideas or direction I sghould be looking I would be open to ideas.

Hey Steve

Potentially. This could be seen favorably by Google.

I wouldn’t waste the time on it. Years ago this type of thing could work but the technique has really fallen out of favor with Google.

I don’t think I would do this either - they would likely be angry and it probably wouldn’t help much anyway.

I wouldn’t do this either.

This technique wouldn’t really help much but it would help with tracking metrics. Say for example you had a print offer in a certain area you could use that custom domain to see how many people came to your main site through that offer. ( not super worth doing ) Depends on how much you like data analysis.

I used to like to have a lot of different sites WCR had 14 - 15 going at one point. Over the past few years though I’ve been slowly and carefully eliminating them and rebuilding the content here under the domain. Eventually, I will only have one site everything will be here.

I think the very best thing you can do is concentrate super hard on one amazing website. You can build out custom landing pages if you like for areas you work.

IE: steveswindowcleaningcompany. com/stevesfavoritetown

You dont even really need to do that but it could help if each page has unique content to that area. Aside from this being easier to manage its what Google wants to see these days. Its all about making Google happy :slight_smile:

And what makes Google happy is truely the best experience for your customer.

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Thank your for your advice Chris, I really saves me wasting my time if it not worth it.

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