Multiple Waterfed Pole Storage

We currently have all our waterfed poles sort of hanging on this big hook in our garage. Its not the most ideal situation all the hoses get tangled up, and its kinda of messy trying to pull out the pole you want. Does anyone have any ideas for a rack of some sort that would hold them all in a neater fashion?


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Cut all the ends off and put quick connects on them. No messy hoses.

Yeah thats how the majority of them are… Our arsenal of poles is really expanding… Its still messy even with out the ends.

Hey Chris can you show us a picture of the current setup?

Here is the third of our poles that havent yet been hooked up like Shawn described…

Messy Messy… Once they are trimmed down there will still be to many poles for the hooks. So I am hoping for some sort of staggered hanger idea… Kind of like a gun rack maybe.

Take all the hoses off from the head if they don’t go through the pole & use a reel. If they go through the pole, make the quick connect at the bottom when closed.

A few of those are 45 ft’s when they are fully extended there really is no xtra hose to cut.

Collapse the pole - then make the quick connect.

Oh I see ,…that makes sense…

The quick connect being up in the pole poses no problems?

I’ve never had a problem. Shawn sells brass 1/4" qc’s that are low profile.

can I get a picture of this quick connect idea. I have them on my supply hose, but I can’t picture what you are all talking about.

Here’s a link to Shawn’s site with them Stud!Female ends goes on the end of the pole,simply extend the pole fully (leave about 6 to 8" of hose) splice apply the “female end” QC quick connect and BAMM…Pimpin;)

Here is a cheesy drawing of a possibility.

oh…both my poles are already pimped then!

The quick connect I proposed can be added when the pole is fully collapsed: Then you wouldn’t have hose dragging or swaying around when carrying. As someone mentioned - you can get low profile connects that don’t hinder the pole when raising.

Personally I don’t use any of the hose made for wfp on the market & I fit to the outside of the pole for even greater speed.

And for neater pole storage store them on a rack in your truck, A metal bar in W shapes is ideal, some guy’s in the UK store them in plastic drain pipes on top of there trucks.

For storing them in the shop I would get a few J-hooks (they look just like a J). They usually have two holes for securing them to the wall. Just use 2 hooks per pole. Should do the trick for you.

I know the post is old but I have to ask as I have been thinking of doing this. You don’t have the hose inside the pole anymore? I often thought of just taking it out and removing the brush head for storage. But I don’t see many poles with the hose hanging on the outside. Is there a downfall to this?

You get the odd snagging with trees - but most jobs you don’t have a lot to hinder you.There is a trick to wrapping it round the pole as you raise it that keeps it in line with the pole. I rarely have problems.

Cool, thanks. I’m going to remove my hoses and build up a storage system. Right now the way my poles rest in my trailer it’s causing the brush head bristles to bend. I have them on hooks but they keep turning towards the trailer wall. No matter how I tie them up. Thanks again.