Multo location chains

I have two customers who have multiple locations. They would like to use me for all locations in the region. Some locations are up to 100 miles from home base. The question is to hire employees in each area or sub contract to other window cleaners?

If I go the sub contract route, what is the typical % paid out to the third party window cleaner?

The situations will probably vary. We had this chain of about 50 stores once… Some were well out of our service zone, we ended up subbing a couple out to window cleaners in that area, they got paid 100% of that stops value. It didn’t make the most sense but it helped us keep the other 40 accounts for our self.

I have a couple of those also. Very large area to cover from San Diego to San Bernardino which is about 50 miles east of L.A. And they told me they plan on moving into the L.A. are as well. We do the work ourselves. Because they are such a large account that pays on time every time I don’t want to mess around with the quality of their service. Yeah it’s a heck of a lot of driving but with good planning you can cover a lot of ground in a day and keep the time involved servicing them to a minimum.

I imagine if they venture out any further I will find a sub to handle those but for now we suck it up and get it done.

Sub it out to someone with good references/quality. Ask them to quote the job, and then pick the cleaner that meeds your needs/price.