My Back Pack Spayer set up ....missing final piece ..but is great so far

Designed a set up with the help/thoughts of members here & Alex at WCR but stumped on final step after today.

My set Up so far…

Solo 416 5 gallon 12v Sprayer
Hand Truck with bungee
36 Feet unger N Lite Hose with quick Couplers
12 foot Unger Alum. pole
11 inch N lite brush with Pencil & Fan jets with quick connect couplers
6 Gallon Water jugs ( 7.99 each Ocean state job lot store I have 4 total )
Siphon Hose ( Makes it real easy from back of car to fill Sprayer )

I am making my pure water from my wfp system or my 1/2 cubic DI tank(just got yesterday) from my water spigot at house. I have low ppm & whole house filter (Out of Tap 50 ppm).So far so good . Today on the lower pump setting 20 psi did a few french panes store fronts & 2 houses just to get the clitches out of the system.3 stories High with my reach it mini totally extended no problem.Mainly going to use the system for ground floor stuff,French panes,some second floor stuff,etc…

Trying to find the best way to set up a second in line flow valve.I have a plastic in line valve about 15-20 feet from the head of the brush now & is taking way to much time to find it & turn.Thinking of a some kind of valve to clip on my belt.Aqua adapter clamped to pole ? I want some thoughts or whats working for you ? Besides that everything else seems great & a new addition to have a second pole going on some jobs

I would just pinch it. I use Rino tube and it is easier to keep in my hand than to reach and grab a shut-off. If you really want a 2nd inline shut-off wcr sells them for about 20 bucks, and put it in the line, only problem I’ve found is doing it that way, depending on the height your working, you have lots of hose everywhere so the shut-off is in reach. I’ve found the 5 seconds i’m looking for the valve adds up, so just be your own valve.

Aqua tap. Nothing to reach for. Just twist pole to turn on/off.

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After a few great replies & talking with some other people. I think i found the best solution.Well considering even when i shut the in-line water valve down there is still a small drain still on the battery.It takes a while before it shuts down completely.Did some research & found a AGT 12V Waterproof Wireless Remote Control DC Universal 2-Channel Output on line that i am going to install.Wear the key fob on my lanyard around my neck or belt.Hit the button to turn pump on & off with remote thats waterproof.Sounds like it will work perfect for the situation.Conserve water & battery at the push of a button.Will keep u informed on final step.


Wish I could see it. says the attachment is invalid.

Hopefully it loads dont know what happen.Just put the finishing touches & installed the remote control.Push on Push off and real easy to hook up.Think i am going to put the key fob around neck on a lanyard.Like i said early even if i close the flow valve still a buzz / drain coming from the pump.Solo tech support saids once it reaches its pressure it will totally shut off eventually.Now this way it will conserve water and battery together while being very accessible too.Looking around for the inline flow valve at different heights is a pain and does waste water/battery.Will be bringing it out on Saturday for a true field test.
So far a great investment considering the 20 window house I did last week in Hudson Valley NY had a high reading of 877 tds.Wouldnt be able to do it any other way.Its a nice way to have a second pole going on other jobs too

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looks Awesome man! Do a video on it working that would be schweet!

No video but that was the trick !!!


Wore a key lanyard around neck with the remote…work just as expected ( Saved water,battery, and didnt have to fumble around trying to find the flow valve or main switch on back pack ) especially when i had brush in hand without the pole.

How do you hook the hose from the backpack to your waterfed pole hose?

How much did this set up cost you?