My custom hoggs hair brush

Hi all.

I just wanted to show you one of my new wfp brushes custom fitted with one fan jet in the middle of the brush. I know the glue looks all ghetto but it works very well. I also have the dual pencil jets installed too.

Let me know what you guys think.

Is that one of Shawn’s brushes? If so…you should have had him double jet that bad actor with both pencil & fan spray. That’s what i did it’s pimpin:D

Hi Craig, yes i did get it from Shawn, i only put one fan jet on because it sprays the hole width of the brush, i also have pencil jets in it too.

I hear ya! I thought i saw one of his hoggers at the IWCA convention THIS PAST Febuary,could have sworn it was doubled jetted…maybe not?

Anyhow…you would have to strip the brush of alot of bristles to accommodate both jets.

I have 2 brushes i had Shawn get me that i had both double jetted “Salmon” brushes there alot smaller then the typical brush but have UNREAL scrubbing power;)

Yeah the one Shawn gave me at the convention was double jetted, but i like how this one works with just the one fan jet right in the middle of the brush, rinses the phobic glass real good.

I think two fan jest is a little over kill, plus it wastes tooooooo much water, it aint like i have an RO system.