My Easel

Here’s what I use to clean storm windows.

Make that yourself Tony?

Yes sir! That is the original that’s been modified several times. I’ve sold several of them to others over the last few years. I’ve had trouble finding the spreader brackets as of late so I’ve stopped selling them for now until I can find a new supplier.

If you were still making them when I contacted you before I most likely would have tried one out as Kevin Heap likes them. Now though I have a Winmate and am very happy with it.

I also clean screens on it for the eye level cleaning and just put those that are too tall sideways for cleaning.

Yeah too bad about that Dwight. Just having a horrible time finding the spreader bars. I used the ones for 5 or 6ft stepladders as they were the perfect size. Last time I ordered I got one pair instead of the two I ordered and they were completely different than the sets they had sent the previous 2 times. All boils down to finding those bars as the rest is off the shelf.

Interesting thing is that the stepladder easel being sold by Racenstein was made by a guy I met at one of Gary’s picnics. He was very interested in the easel and asked lots of questions. I liked his take but I prefer not to have my stepladder tied up in case I need it.

I purchased a dedicated 6’ aluminum Werner ($34) at Lowe’s for just that reason.

The easel takes up less space. Since for me space is valuable it just makes more sense.

how much do you charge for a 2 pane residential window with 1 screen?


Seth - the standard frame is roughly 2ft wide by 5ft high. The standard tray is 40" long. I say standard because unlike the Win-Mate I offered custom sizes. That way it can be adjusted to your needs. The tray can be single or double and is adjustable in 8" increments. I would love to find a supplier for the spreaders.

I understand about your space issue. I have a Ford E350.

I have a Dodge Grand Caravan. You win.:wink:

For shorter mode name¿

Thought I would re-start this thread with an awesome youtube video showing a different solution. This is engineering brilliance and simplicity at it’s best:

Cleaning storm windows made easy - YouTube

Ooh I’ve seen this one. I’ve also got a ladder I busted and will be doing this.

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please post pics when you’re done.

I like this idea

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I also like how he angles the frame afterwards to let the water slide down the sides of the pane…


Spotted this easel over on our Facebook Group pretty clever!