My eye sight has declined

I know I know, I am getting older so that could be the main issue, but hear me out. I wanted to know what other people thought about this, I have been cleaning glass for about 5 years now. I noticed a decline in my eyesight about 3 years ago. Last year I went to the eye Dr. He says I have a depth perception problem, meaning one eye is perceiving things closer than the other. It’s not bad, but notice a difference when I put glasses on. So here is a theory, as window cleaners we look at the glass, not through it, and we train our eyes as such. is it possible that this has messed up my eyes? Has anyone else experienced this, or had thoughts? Also notable, I don’t wear sunglasses while cleaning. Do you guys normally wear sunglasses?

i doubt it’s the looking at the glass not through it, but when you clean a window with the sun at your back, that reflection that is so hard to stand while you clean the glass is pretty close to staring at the sun.


Since your picture is a giant eye I feel I should listen to you. haha so you thing polarized sunglasses are a good idea regardless?



i almost always have sunglasses outside and on some interior windows depending where the sun is at. customers understand your staring at the glass with the sun shining in your face

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Always wear sunglasses when your dealing with sun light and reflective surfaces, your eyes need to be proctected just like your skin.


My optometrist prescribed photochromic lenses for my prescription glasses to slow down the development of cataracts. I am amazed at how these darken on the dullest days. They react to UV rather than simply sunlight. ‘Sunglasses’ is really a misnomer as UV levels can be elevated on a cloudy day. I no longer need separate sunglasses and find I get far less eye strain through the day.

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I wear yellow prescription tinted glasses , wear them 100% of the time.
Check this video.
Ask your eye specialist .

photocromic lenses fail where i live if outside all day everyday. our desert suns frys them :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Interesting but can you explain ‘fries’. Do you mean melts the plastic or that the lens doesn’t go dark enough?

the lenses quick changing back and for from light too dark. whatever causes them too change when exposed too uv gets damaged and they stop changing