My first (and last) door hanger

This is my first, and last, door hanger I put out 7 years ago. I hung about 20 before getting bored. I’ve never done it again. I have a box of thousands still sitting in storage. Designed completely by

Obviously they didn’t work. One, because they are hideous, Two, because it only hung 20 :slight_smile:

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Dang 20 and bored?
I probably walked 40 miles last month hangering.
Course I have something called an iPod.

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20 and done? lol I walk for 2 - 4 hours on my non scheduled days, or just pick a day to not schedule and go “hangering.” Door hangers have served me quite well.

I just couldn’t get into it. I know it works for lots of companies, but I hated it.

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I hate it too, but then the phone starts ringing and I collect $$$. :slight_smile:

I agree John I also have a Very Strong Dislike for it to. It does work but…

I want all my work to come from website/social media and the like and mainly referrals.

I went off and got 2500 doorhangers made up last month.

Put out about 1000, or i should say I paid someone else to do it.

5x my money on the printing and labor, still getting calls from it. Just booked one yesterday.

Have a guy ( buisness liscense and Insured) who runs a flyer / Hanger distribution buisness who charges $149 for 1500 flyers delivered. Pays to have someone else do it when you earn 3-6 times that amount by cleaning that day instead of doing it yourself.

As long as you know for sure that they’re getting distributed door to door, I can see it paying for itself by having a company doing it for you.

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Let’s see your hangers…bet they got nothing on mine :wink:

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I get crazy results with smaller postcards and put them on doors. Every time I go out for an hour and do 100 or so, Ill easily book 400-500 bucks in work. For 2500 postcards it costed me 100 bucks. So one hour of hanging pays it back 4x… Sounds good to me

Doubtful brah, I have the GFX skills…

I only did one other run of fliers this year (doorhangers), and the smaller ones DEFINITELY worked better than the bigger ones.

Nice work Chris what kind ROI are you getting?

About 5:1 with this one. Only got 1000 out before i got too busy to get anymore off.

I’ve heard that they are most effective being used as “5 around”. That means the 5 houses that are closest to the job that you just did. Those 2 on the sides and 3 across the street are most likely to see you in the neighborhood, see your truck in the neighbors driveway, see you working, and are most likely to be friendly with your customer which might spark conversation and if you did a good job it’ll be a good referral. So if you don’t want to walk a lot or you don’t like it, you should at least take the time to hit the 5 around. Only takes a few minutes.

Yeah thats what I do every time (5 around)…But I dislike the whole concept of hanging door hangers/fliers…and all the walking.
eddm is a little less time consuming.

Trying to ingrain the 5 around idea in my head for every home I service, anyone have any idea what their “score a job” ratio is on using the 5 around?

All the walking… My shoe rubber suddenly separated and grew a mouth last night after a trip to Costco, about fell on my face. Guess it’s time to retire this pair, they scored me a few jobs lol. Interested in the eddm but don’t want to play the extra money just yet, God gave me feet and extra time - so for now gonna use em.

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The 5 around is the only door hangers that we do other then when guys want a few extra hours on their checks.

I know that door hangers work but I have no patience to do them :slight_smile:

I’m with [MENTION=5633]AllWashedUp[/MENTION] on hating it. I won’t do it

I like it!!! No joke!

Has an old school look to it! Makes it trust worthy!!

Id calll you