My First Flier

Hello everyone! This is my first post in a WC Forrum ever.
I just started WCing full time about 3 months ago. I have some commercial accounts (less than 600$ per month reoccurring before taxes). I really want to do residential but feel stuck in the pre-marketing phase of my, hopefully booming soon - residential WC business since I am still relatively new and have limited resources. I have a basic rough draft of what I want to put in a black & white flier. I cant claim 20 years experience or other various credentials like some can, nor can I invest in expensive expensive full color fliers. I have been building this business from the ground up starting with nothing but a little bit of WC experiance I had learned 4 years ago, 150$ and forums like these to learn from. What I do plan on doing is printing Fliers from my laser printer and distributing them around selected mid-upper-scale neighborhoods. Here is what I have come up with so far for my Flier:

Dave’s Window Cleaning
“Don’t loose sight of the meaningful things in life”

The more windows you have, the more it matters when they are clean. If your windows get cleaned the right way, they will stay clean longer. Cleaning windows yourself can be tiresome, frustrating and sometimes even dangerous. Its no wonder that cleaning windows is one of the largest, most disliked and avoided chores by homeowners.

If clean windows would make you happy but you don’t want to invest your time, attention and energy doing them yourself, Let me do the work for you! I will clean them safely and professionally in a way that allows them to stay clean longer. After all, Clean windows help create a brighter, more relaxed and less stressful home atmosphere. My goal is your satisfaction, so if you find that it is not completely done to your high expectations, then I will come back and make it right.

Call me or email me today for a Free Estimate for your window cleaning. If you have a special elderly Mom or Dad in the Tri-Cities that needs their windows cleaned within a month after your cleaning, I will discount them 15% off on their first cleaning!

Ask about a full screen deep-cleaning to remove pollen, dirt, dust, and bird droppings.

David Pickens – Owner and Operator
[email protected]

There are a few things so far I am unsure about.

  1. Should I include my email?
  2. Is the Mom Dad discount to high/low/ just right?
  3. I doubt most of the homes I plan to leave fliers at have many screens but I thought screen cleaning may be something that they would tell their friends about. I also think it may help anchor my service in their minds since allergy season here is one of the worst (if not the worst) in the country. Is my reasoning correct?
  4. Is a full page flier desirable? I plan on making 2 fliers per sheet.
  5. I thought about including a few testimonials from clients of mine and maybe even pictures if my printer does gray-scale well. (I still haven’t tested it) This would also help plug a few of my commercial clients businesses. 2 possible drawbacks to this would be that it may appear like any other advertisement and that it may sound like I am begging for credibility.

Do any of you live in a place where pollen seasons are bad? Here its so bad, you could wash your car one day and the next day or so, it will have a greenish yellow powder all over it. Do people generally wait until pollen season over with to get their windows cleaned? I have a giant fittness center that wants their window cleaned every 3 months but wants to wait untill pollen season is over to get them done. I have felt discouraged because I have given a few residential quotes and have not heard back from them yet.

Any help and constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

There are some good threads related to fliers on this forum, do a bit of searching and you will find some gold hidden in the forum threads relating to fliers.

I’ll email you one of my fliers and maybe it will give you some ideas…

How is this so far?

Ive read many of the other posts about fliers, on this forum and 2 others. There is just so much for me to keep in my head when putting together a flier. I know Ive spent close to a hundred hours reading the window cleaning forums and watching Don’s videos since I began 4 months ago and my head is spinning! I’m trying to figure out the simplest and most effective things for me to put on a flier that I can at this early stage in my business since I cant make big claims that other well established WCers can.

Thanks for the help so far Brennan and CFK!

CFP… not CFK.

You don’t need to be around a long time to have a great flier. You can get a testimonial from your first customer, if you want one to use. You will not have the ability to truthfully say 1,000 served, but you don’t really need that.

Marketing is putting something in front of people and get them interested in a quote, or sign up immediatly if you have a flat price deal… just get them to contact you.

You don’t need any “been around 10 years” crap. Believe me, it does not matter.

Your headline is a reach as I don’t know if homeowners are stressin over their dirty windows. You are assuming, don’t do that. Be more direct in a way that is more general. You want it simple and broad enough to cover the multiple reasons people get their windows cleaned.

they may not have reasons yet, give them some.

Oops, sorry for the typo Paul.

Hows this for a headline? “Attention Homeowner: Clean Windows are just around the corner!” Awsome!? Good? Inefective? Bad? Deplorable?

Its not very creative, but its the most I can think of right now. Im going to the bookstore now so I can bury my head in marketing books.

You’ve come up with a good start, one thought: I think you may be focusing on WINDOW CLEANING too much, focusing on the BENEFITS of window cleaning might help. My best flyer so far (based on response) didn’t really mention window cleaning mush at all. Hope that helps

That sucks… what does that mean? Attention Homeowner is good, but now that you got their attention, you follow it up with a meaningless statement.

Go to the bookstore and get books on marketing. Let me know if you want to know of some great books… I have them all.

Ok, here are my next two attempts at Non-suckery!

I don’t know about the “Pristine” part but I kinda like the “…Stop Dreaming”

I still feel like the proverbial trees are blocking my view of the forrest.

I promise, I will Dominate Marketing before I die! Of course I hope that’s soon. … err, the marketing, not the death part.

sucks and sucks

never ever use pristine… dreaming? Stop eluding and forcing them to paint a picture… it will not likely match your intention.

“[I]but I kinda like the[/I]” what you kinda like is destroying your attempts. Your likings are not important.

You can get the marketing stuff down, no doubt. I will email you something that helped me in this area back when I started to get into it.

That’s not necessarily true. It depends on your area. If your area has a history of undependable people it could make a difference.

One of the cities I work in has a small college, with college kids starting WC’ing every year, then can’t be reached in 6 months. So, in that town I am always asked how long I have been in business, and when I tell them most of the response is "Oh your not a college student (I’m 37 years old), when can you come?

Another city 30 miles away couldn’t care less. While if you go 30 miles the other way in a more exclusive city people do ask. They want to make sure if you are coming in their home you can be trusted, and people in that city equate that with being in business for a certain length of time.

I wouldn’t put it on there if there doesn’t seem to be a concern, but if you have been asked certainly put it on there.

About a third my clients said that their last window cleaner stopped showing up and that’s how I got the job. This is a university town also but I don’t know if any of the window cleaners were college kids.

Is ‘client’ the proper term? or maybe ‘customer’?

I like client for our type of business. It is a personable business and I prefer that.

there is no right or wrong answer to that.

p.s., people not showing up has nothing to do with age. I have many companies around here that do no shows… they are not college kids. They are idiots