My first official major WFP job!

I have done plenty on my own house and a few residential houses. However, this was my first really big job full building!!

Exterior only, took 2.75 hours and made $402

Those weird squares on bar front entrance were not quoted but looked way too fun to pass up Cleaning lmao!!!


More pics from other phone

Why are you wearing ski googles?


Lol I kept getting water droppings in my face and eyes and the sun and the glare from windows as well all hurt. I found those while packing and wa alike hey these will work!!

They were so much help today!



i about lost it


Keep it up man! I sure wish I invested in one already. I have some massive jobs coming up that I would really benefit from WFP!

Liking your personal wfp set up? I know you did a DYI. Good on ya :slight_smile:

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Congratulations keep it up

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How did you come up with that price? Seems like there are 15-20 windows and you charged 400 plus? Not knocking you thats awesome just would love to know how you priced it as we often do similar sized buildings… 7 dollars a window?

Umm not exactly sure what you call a window where you come from. But there’s about 40-50 windows on that building with about 80 pieces of glass. We charge per pane of glass. (Please feel free to check out my thread post for my price sheet) (or my website!)

So for quick math here 80x8 (average) = $640
(Exterior only is minus 33%) - $212 brings our total to $428.

Sorry if they came on condisending. Just work up and my brain can’t seem to phrase correctly.

Let me know if you have any more questions. I need to keep cleaning and paint my house!

Get cleaning and be safe out there my fellow window cleaners.

That’s some good pricing! And I quickly looked at the pictures you had… And yes we charge by the pane too just didn’t see 80 or didn’t really count them lol just seemed like a nice easy job and it seems you got paid well too which is great!

Even 8 bucks at 33 percent off seems high for commercial no? Is that competitive in your area or are you higher then others? We are about four bucks a pane and even that we are losing bids more often then we would like.