My Google place page

I have a question about my place page on google. I listed my business and got my place page but it’s ranking really poorly. I don’t think it even shows up within the first 12 pages of local results. I tried to fill out as much info as possible, but my ranking still sucks. Is there something else I need to do? What gives?

it takes a while a good book is

“SEO An hour a day”

I’ll check it out, thanks

Compare the wording of your page title with the keyword string you’re searching. Exact matches will rank higher, and quickly.

EDIT: You have no mention of San Antonio in your homepage title… thats your problem. Instead of focusing on your brand, focus on your location. It makes all the difference in the world.

Take my 3rd site for example… Poke around the site and take special notice to the page titles. See how its localized? Local service companies don’s benefit from SEO branding.

Montclair Window Cleaning NJ

As a matter of fact, the top 3 SEO window cleaners in NJ (Myself, All County, and NJ Window Washing in varying order) all implement the same locale-titling strategy… hence why, for the most part, we’re the top three for pretty much any WC search string in NJ.

Place page uses your address for listings. The listing with the closest location to the center of town will come up first. So if somebody searches window cleaning San Antonio, the company with the address closest to the center of San Antonio will come up first

Are you sure about that? Seems like one of the first to come up is on the far north side

Take a look at these pages, they may help.

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Thanks John, I think I’ve done all that, though. What are the other factors? Length of time you’ve had the page? Reviews of your company on the Internet? Also if I search for “window cleaning service,” I show up on the map, but for just “window cleaning,” I disappear. Weird!

Hey Chris I think you misunderstood my question. I was asking about my Google Places listing. Your point is well taken about my site, though. I know the issues with it and hopefully can get that resolved this week. I’ll have to hire someone, I’m not very computer savvy at all

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