My introduction

Hello guys,

I am new to the window washing/cleaning world.

I’ve been doing lots of reading on this site & decided to make an account.

I am currently working for somone but looking forward to starting my own business.

Window cleaning, gutters, soft wash & pressure washing services.

I am here to learn & apreciate everyone providing tips & knowledge.

I am in North/East Texas btw



How do you plan on handling the split from current employer? Lets do this right and benefit you both!

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Welcome to. Where in east tx? I’m East of Dallas myself.

Welcome aboard my friends! A few tips to help everyone, including yourself!

  1. Don’t be insulted by what anyone says.
  2. Learn from everything you say/read/do
  3. mind you manners and swear words
  4. by all means use the search feature first, but never hurts to re-ask the same questions if the last topic is more than 5 years old.
  6. Dress the Part! Buy the right gear, uniform, invoices, vehicle etc.
  7. Have fun and please Get Cleaning and Be safe my fellow window cleaner!
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Well I am in a interesting situation. My employer basically just cold calls customers and sets up the appointments, I do all the work.I was actually never trained I learned everything off youtube.

Lately he has not been scheduling work effectively. I suspect he has a drug peoblem.

I am in Longview TX

Hello and welcome to the forum!

Nice introduce dude. Enjoy!