My Joseph D. Walters Customer Experience

This is a much overdue post about my recent experience with Joseph D. Walters Insurance. I generally forget to write reviews, but I wanted to help make this an easier decision for any of you who will be buying or renewing policies soon.
I was skeptical of dealing with an out of state agency because I generally like to support local businesses. After spending a couple days researching online and calling around to local agencies, I was not impressed with the response to my inquiries or the rates I was given. When I finally contacts Darla at Walters, She took her time explaining coverage to me, and going through various options. The fact that they specialize in window cleaning and pressure washing companies should be convincing enough…
My 2015 rate is hundreds of dollars less than what I was paying when I left the industry in 2012. It is under a thousand dollars. The policy I got is underwritten by Liberty Mutual, a company that I use and trust. I chose not to have my equipment covered, which saved me quite a bit of money. That probably won’t work for everyone.
I’m paying quarterly to start, but I know they have monthly plans too.
I highly recommend them! This is who I dealt with and she was very helpful: Darla Renk [COLOR=#7030A0][FONT=Arial]PH: 724-243-1004[/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#444444][FONT=Calibri]

I will like to check them out ! Tnx for sharing .

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I’ll second this. I switched to JDW this year as well and so far they’ve been great.

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Darla rocks.

She has taken care of me for eight years now. It was great to finally meet her in person in PA and get to hang out some after the last convention.

Definitely come by the JW booth at the convention and tell her “Hi!”

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i’ve been very happy with jdw too. the service, rates and coverage just can’t be found ANYWHERE else (and trust me, i’ve looked).

however…everyone loves their insurance provider when the rates are low and things are great. what really matters is when it’s time to make a claim. i would love to hear from someone who had to file a claim with jdw, and see what that experience was like.

Hey Caleb. I started a thread asking the same question, but didn’t get any bites. That said, I now have JDW and so far so good. They were a good price, and the staff were helpful and friendly. I would really like to hear from someone who had actually put in a claim, thpough …

Simon, I put a claim in last year and it was handled very smoothly. My experience so far is very good.

Thanks for the feedback, Dan. I’m glad to hear it.

Hi Melody! We saw your post on our Facebook page a couple months ago and this is honestly the first time I saw this specific post. How nice of you to take the time to share your experience here! Darla will be happy to see this as well. :smiley: