My Marketing Matrix

Yesterday as I found myself in a mix between ad creation and calling my customers to schedule them for their spring cleaning, I noticed something interesting.

What I noticed was that in speaking to my customers and how glad they were to hear from me and thanking me for calling them. I noticed my ads, not just the ad, but the message… not just a message but a question.

What do I want for them? I know what I want for me, I know what I want them to think as how they perceive my company. But what do I want for them…

It actually posed a very deep and meaningful question for me to think about. A Zen moment if you will.

As much as I preach about “look at your ads from your prospects eyes”, I find myself still riding the ME train. That is why it is far easier for me to create ads for other companies. I can see everything clearly and objectively.

Once my pride, my financial security and self awareness come into play, I start to tilt to one side. My side.

Why do I have this business? to clean windows? No I am here because it is a skill I had and I do not want to work for anyone. Basically no meaningful reason.

How can I feel better about what I am doing, how can I feel that this is more than a buck? It happened yesterday on the phone. People from all ages and incomes treating me like a friend, a trusted confidant. Wow, what a feeling that is.

My goal this year is to build relationships far beyond what I have done so far. Not only so my customers never leave, not to increase referrals, but so I can feel that way again and again. It makes me want to provide an even better service than I have. I feel like someone actually cares that I am the one they are dealing with.

Money gets spent and customers get forgotten, until the next push…

not anymore. Now I know what I want for them.

Good point. I have been doing it that way since day one. Its just my personality I guess. I know my customer base relatively well. I interact with my clients in such a way, they feel at home with me and my company. The personal touch that everyone wants to connect with when doing business. The tough part is getting your employee’s to interact with them in the same manner.

Is that part of their job description, skill set, training, reason they were hired?

Larry, You can tell your employees that they should be more friendly to clients but it doesnt always work out that way. Some guys are out going and some just want to get in and get out. Customers are that way too. Some dont want to be bothered with conversation. I am very good at reading people and getting a feel for them. I cant expect each employee to interact with the customer the way I do. My business is my baby and no one will take care of it the way I do. I have come to terms with that.

I had 5 employees last year

None will be back.

Hiring and traing is a skill in itself. I would send them to Jersey for Chris to train them in correctly :slight_smile: