My Money maker

Another topic that makes me LOTS of money! Cant wait till this thread takes off!:wink:

Hey Craig. What type of pole do you use most?

Hey Alex! I use a Tucker pole have been for over 10 years. Mine is not an ordinary Tucker its pimped…a little hot rod pole!

I run different flowscrews (smaller orafice) axed the standard handles went with turn key’s (no more Tucker tool) QC quick connect added on the pole hose itself so…i can drop sections whenever need be.

There are so many now…it makes deciding difficult but…if i ever do decide to go with a different pole it would surely be a telescoping type (i don’t care much for modulers)

I will say this those facelift poles are the BOMB!!!

Yeah those face lift poles look sick, I want one. Craig do you happen to have a picture of your pimped Tucker pole you could post?

I thought i sent you a pic awhile back? I’m not sure i could send it here as my resolution skills are something to be desired! It would be way too huge.

Another thing i failed to mention is on my Tucker i also have a full trim brush shaved down to 1 3/4" which for me work like a champ,as i feel the standard DT’s (double trims) the bristles fan out too quickly.

Yeah those facelifts are Sic;)

Yeah If I recall it may have been a picture of you truck set up you sent me. It was over a year ago I cant say for sure. You wont need any crazy resolution skills here. No resizing needed it should do it automatically. Write under where you type your post all you need to do is click manage attachments and point it to the correct location. I defiantly want to ditch the turn keys and hook up standard handles… Where did you get those from?

Try using Microsoft Image Resizer if you have issues:

Will that work with 2000 or only XP ? I tried just downloading it said your image is too big as usual:(

Those of you that want to check out my Tucker go to my website it shows it there in the flash pics.

I’m a newbie To WFP’s. Just started using a Tucker Pole this Summer. I also bought a 12’ Ionics multipole. I don’t get to use them everyday. But whenever the opportunity arises I definitely use them. Still getting used to them and trying to get past that learning curve.

Seth what do you use to purify your water? Do you have a DI tank or do you do RO ?

I too have a Tucker (45ASH) and love it. I would like to check out one of the new Gardiner poles. 60ft and only 7lbs! I’d love to give one a test drive someday:D

Better get yourself to San Antonio this weekend if Shawn’s packing one for the trip!

Hi all, recognise a few names :slight_smile:
Glad to see there is a wfp section in here.
I use modular poles & kite poles mainly. I’m pretty exited about the new Superlite from Gardiners, but now I’ve covered my bases in the height stakes, its just a matter of time before the poles really take off in the strength & weight category.

Right now I’m renting tanks from Culligan. 2 separate tanks, a Cation and Anion. This winter I will be regrouping and figuring out what the best system for me is. The tanks I’m renting are $100 a month. A bit pricey for something I’m not using everyday. But like I said I’m a newbie at it and I was just getting my feet wet to see if this WFP thing would work out.

Hello to all, I have been using wfp going on a year now. I never knew about the “Power” of pure water. Glad to see a place to talk about it!

Seth how do you like that 12" pole from Ionics? Mine should be here today. Wondering what you think the pros and cons of the pole are and if I should be concerned or lookout for any possible issues?

Whats happening Lance? Good to see you over here!

Good to see you here Karlos! Seth it sounds like maybe a mixed bed tank would be a better option for you. I get mine from Culligan right now and it’s $35 a month for rental and $149 for regen of a 9x44 tank. In the spring I’m going to upgrade to a RO/DI system from Shawn Gavin. I’m tired already of the tank rental and costs since I can run into a tds of 300+ at times which means I go thru tanks way to frequently for my taste.

Hey Lance - how’s it goin?
I met Lance Golden and Ken Sanford back a couple of years ago in Arizona. Great guys! Kudos to Lance for his hot tip on deep cleaning screens.
Glad to see you finally came to your senses and have started using pure water. I told you about how awesome it was back then, but you didn’t believe me :frowning:

I’m building (modifying) my DI cart from Ionics. I had to add an RO membrane because at 250 TDS it was to expensive to use. It takes my TDS down to 6. Now I have to add a booster pump because of flow problems with sources under 80psi. Not willing to buy trailer and tank yet. Anyone have experiance with 12v pumps?