My new ford transit connect- window cleaning van

Hi guy’s, I just wanted to post my new ford transit connect van. I love this van and it works great for my residential business!

Nice, Eddie. What do you carry in the cargo area? Di tank or ro/di? Small ladder?..

I have a
little giant multi ladder that reaches up to 22 feet extended
A 3 step, step ladder
I have 2 water buckets that fit up to 18 inch strip washers
A unger 20ft and 8 ft telescoping poles
Unger hybrid waterfed pole
Unger di tank
Inside drop towels
Strip washers
Replacement rubbers
And as always, business cards!

I will post a picture of the inside tomorrow.

But honestly, I love this van and with the decals on the the van really helps. Like today for example, I did a nice size house at about 3000 square feet and I was able to land two new clients that were walking bye and driving bye. They said that they loved my van.

Sweet! Nice job and congrats man. Really nice.

Good looking van!


Congats Eddie! Beautiful!

Landing more work is big! I checked out a 2010 I think. It seemed that my LG which extends to 18’ would just fit. Maybe the one you got is a big longer?

Nice Eddie!

I bought a new one a little over a month ago and LOVE it! I am about to purchas some organization but I wanted to work out of it for a while.

You lettering looks good

That is perfect. I think that exactly what I need. Very nice lettering. Looks great

The lettering/graphics look great. The wipers on the back though are kinda distracting-have you thought about removing them?

Yes but I have to order replacements caps from ford first.

[MENTION=7291]Edd[/MENTION]ie. Where do you clean windows… on Mars? Just kidding. The landscape in those pics is nothing but dirt. Man, you must make a pretty good living in the Dust Bowl. BTW, the ride looks great.

Lol! I live in the Palm Springs CA, we live in the desert! This dust bowl is the best dust bowl ever.

Your ride looks really nice. Btw how’s the biz in Palm Springs?

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It’s great!

That’s the exact vehicle I want for my business, along with some sectionals (three 6-footers and one 4-footer), and maybe a Little Giant for indoor work. That is a great-looking vehicle. Congrats!

Buy 4 6’ footers then buy the 4’ footer when you need it or can afford it.

How much you paid to decorate the van this way?
Looks awesome !

Awesome ride! Any interior shots?