My new referral system

Hey guys just wanted to share my new plan of referral generation. I just took other ideas I saw on here that i liked and combined them together. I hope you can constructively critique it, so i can do better, or just be inspired by it.

After the job is done and while the customer is leaving me a review on my tablet. (+that’s been a game changer) I let them know that if 3 of their friends or neighbors book any job with me their next exterior cleaning is free. I then hand them 5 or 6 of these to encourage them to actually go talk to their neighbor.

Then I go do a 5 around with these and sharpie in the family’s name that I just did window cleaning for and also stamp an expiration date on the back.
Now Ive given a reason for the home owner i just serviced and the neighbors both a reason to go talk to each other.


Looks great!

So you actually ask your customers to write you a review right on the spot? Any resistance to that?


No resistance yet at all, actually ive never had anyone even say no. I just say would you care to write a short, little review of how the service was today, it really helps our business. They say sure and if Im in a rush i tell them ill send them a link with a few options to choose from just pick whatever one is easier for you. I text them short links to my my google yelp and fb reviews, and sometimes people are really awesome and leave a review on all 3.
However a lot of times people say yes absolutely and they’re thrilled with the service but forget to review me so thats why ive been using the tablet lately, got a really cheap amazon fire one and just link it to my phones mobile hotspot, and just ask them to leave a review right then and there. They cant forget and thats when they’re most excited about their clean windows.


If your customers use your tablet to write reviews with all the time dosent Google penalize you because they think it is you writing the reviews? Or do you just hand them a tablet and tell them to connect to their own Wi-Fi and then they have to connect to their on FB page or open a Google plus page?


I was wondering the same thing.

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Thanks for telling me that. So even though it’s coming from different gmail accounts, if it’s coming from my IP, Google thinks I’m scamming. If so, ill stop that right away.

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I’m really not sure. I dont know if Google tracks the server or the computer/tablet or both… That’s why I asked… I just thought you would know or if not some one would clarify it. My reviews are far and few between, everyone says they love it and they give me repeat business but very few ever leave a review. I just don’t have time to constantly email people and bug them for a review. I like your way and I would gladly give them my tablet if Google is good with it. Do you have a problem with them (customer) logging you onto their Wi-Fi?

He doesn’t do it that way:

Thats the best idea I’ve ever heard!

Way to go man. How is it working?


What about sending a link when he is done with the job? So they use their phone to do it?


My friend does that an it works tremendously for him. I jace to start doing it that way. I just joined Nice job. We will see how that goes might stay with it for a little bit
, but all in alll the way your doing it is the best way imho.


I just got back from a service call. Guy swears he will leave a review, should have tried out the tablet since I just got done talking about it., lol. So do you just hand him a tablet open to the Google search page and have him pick a place to go leave a review or do you actually open up a site like FB or Google plus so he can just fill out the form?

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I think the comment about it getting flagged was a valid one. You can’t write your own reviews and thats how google will see it coming from his tablet, and many people use the same password for all of their stuff, so to ask someone to open up their account on your tablet is probably not a very good idea.


This is a great solution to the IP problem, I can try it out and see if they don’t mind going through one more hoop to help me out and leave a review

I have a saved link to my Google business review I click that and then it asks them to sign in, the review box and star option is right there after they log in.

I make sure to show them after they leave the review that I’m logging them out if they havent done it themselves. But you’re right, some people might be scared and think I have some password saving software on there. I think I might just go back to texting them short links to fb yelp and Google reviews. Some people forget but then some people leave me 2 or even 3 reviews cause they use all 3 links I send them, so it kind of equals out.

Seriously? I can’t even get my best customers to write a review I don’t
know how everybody does it maybe because they’re all commercial it’s kind
of like a conflict of interest but even my residential ones that I’ve had
for years and years won’t do it I don’t know why

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Maybe it is the way you approach the question and how many times you ask for a review.

Ryan I really like your approach, nice job!

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For some business that you would actually go to as a customer I would ask the manager what is your companys favorite place to receive reviews? Tell them that youre going to give them a review and then ask them to review you as well.