My new system

Tomorrow I will post pics of my new WFP system and give a newbe’s quick thoughts. lol.

Here you go.

the ones named buddy was a friend I made this past tuesday. He was nice enough to drop down in front of my face while I abou to remove a screen. I almost had a heart attack as he was one of the biggest I have ever seen.

Nice system Ray,
Is that the Pulex Eagle?
Does the Spider come with the unit?

I’ll look forward to your answers when I come back in a week :slight_smile:

No it’s an IONICS system. Got it on sale as they are comming out with a new unit in 08. No the spider is not with us anymore, he got fired very very fast lol

So what are your quick thoughts? Have you used it yet? Get good results?

I’m extreamly pleased with the system. I only cleaned my back porch so far and it works just like every says it should. I keep walking out into the porch cause 1 part of me can’t believe my eyes how good the glass looks. I left a few windows dirty so I can see the difference all day lol.
The only bad thing was the instructions are very limited, but you can get by with them. I’m one of those guys who likes full blown out instructions explaining what each part does. These instructions are maybe 5 pages worth of steps. IE step one, connect water supply, step two turn on water supply. That’s basicly it. Theres not much info on the control panel in the instructions. I was unsure if the meter on it was a meter or monitor. But after turning it on a few times I figured out that it’s a monitor. You set it to when you want to know when your tds hits a certain mark and it will beep. At this point I’m still waiting for my hand held meter. Even though it wont matter much as these systems are designed to remove just about everything I still want to know what the tds is coming out of the tap. I like the panel, it just makes the system look like a mass produced product, not something someone put together in their spare time. I’m sure when I explain to my customers that my company uses state of the art tecnology to clean windows and they see this thing. Their heads are going to spin. As far as the poles go. I have not been able to try out the 30ft. But I like the 12ft. I really like the locking clamps. Nothing against IONICS, but there was a couple of issues with the 30ft last night. While looking it over and extending it I had not noticed that the hose was broken off right before the T. I went to extend it and then saw the hose laying on the ground completely out of the pole. I then saw that the end was missing. I don’t know if it happend in the packing or shipment. I would not be surpised if it was in the shipping as UPS screwed up the whole thing, and when the poles did arrive part of the package was opened. But it was not big deal as I had some small hose and fittings around my house for my yards watering system. I cut some off and just fixed it. Also when I was working the system today, I figured I would hook up the 30ft just to make sure the water flowed ok with my hose parts. I noticed on the connection to the cox reel hose, water spraying all over. It turns out the quick connect fitting was missing a rubber O-ring. Once again I had that stuff in the garage so, I pop on the o-ring and all was good to go. The 30 is a little heavy but thats what you get when you buy the econoline pole. I expected that, but still it’s easy to see after a full day of using the 30ft I will be worn out in the arms. The system as a whole is very very well built, easy to move on the trolley and fucntions like it’s supposed to. I can’t wait to start using it as often as I can.

I’m sure Don already went over this w/ you but when using the pole make sure you’re using your legs not your arms. Rest the pole at hip level and then step forward and backward to raise and lower the pole.

The new set up looks pretty nice Ray.

Glad to hear you like the system Ray. Sorry I did not have the ‘Reach’ RO/DI system available yet when you were looking.

I finished it up just before the AUWC event in San Antonio.

It features 4 stage purification, hose reel, and hose for $3,000.00

Comes with a 12v pump and battery supply as well.

Photos of it will be on my website soon.


Hi Ray,
can’t believe the 30’ is heavy - whats it made of? glass fibre or alu?
I don’t think Ionics make that unit over here, its probably just for the US market.
P.S. Are those planks in the trailer for roof walking/ramps or do they serve another use?

You know I really should not say it’s heavy as I have not slung allot of poles. I can see how moving it all day would tire someone out.