My new van

my new van with my new logo…

Very nice. Looks great

Looking cool Sharen!

What kind of roof rack is that?

one i had to modify…had to add cross beams to it. Just had 2 rails on it. seems to work ok tho…havent lost any ladders yet,lol

Very cool, Sharen!! Was about to ask about the roof rack, but Phil beat me to it. LOL!

Hey there Sharen,

Real cool and comfortable ! Should last you a good while and produce for you…Plus a good looking spot with your signage logo !


Thats a nice van. What make? I have an f150 and a ptcruiser, and the 150 is very tall for me. I noticed a lot of service vehicles at the local university are uplanders (not made anymore) and they said they love them.

I’ve been trying to decide on a van to replace my pick up. The obvious choice was a full size van for the shear size but a mini van is so much more comfortable and the gas mileage is so much better as well. I can’t decide. I think a mini van makes more economical sense.

Is that a Dodge Grand Caravan? Your gonna love it! I have the 2011 C/V

I went through the same thing for months. I ended up with the minivan. We can’t carry ‘EVERYTHING’ and a full crew, but can have one or the other and Im cool with that.

Can they tow a small enclosed trailer? That would make up for space.

Yes, you can tow a trailer depending on the engine size and how heavy you make your trailer. I’ve always used minivans, but I’ve been shopping lately and liked the idea of the Ford Transit Connect. But I think I’m going to hold out for the 2014 Ford Transit (bigger, like the Sprinter Vans, but possibly not going to be as expensive, we’ll see.) Most likely I’ll end up with another Minivan. :slight_smile:
I like yours Sharen. One question though, why did you go with the logo on the windows and not on the sides of the van, so it could be bigger?

Nissan NV’s look pretty interesting…Nissan Commercial Vehicles: Utility & Cargo Vans, Pickup Trucks, Fleet Vehicles

yea ,ryan it is…so far i love it?..btw your van looks great

Shawn,my guy who does my lettering thought it would show up better on the black and look better. I kinda went with what he suggested. I like it.

I like it too

Cool. I was just curious, since I usually see the logos on the side of the vehicles rather than just up on the windows. I thought maybe it was to prevent the fading difference behind the logo when they’re removed for re-sale someday. :slight_smile:

Phil, If I had to do it again, I would get a minivan! I’ve had both an E150 and an F150 for work…minivan would have been ideal in my opinion.

Thanks for the input.