My new wfp

Excited to receive our very first wfp. Thanks for all the suggestions and help @Chris @Alex. Can’t wait to put it to use .


Congrats! She’s a beaut!

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Congrats @luke3636 and @K1ttenpantz!!


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You’re gonna love it !

What’s the TDS in your area?

Welcome to 2016!

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You know you "NEED" to change the title of the topic to…

“OUR new wfp”



I’ve been using that pole lately. Its nice.

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Looking forward to the day we get one :grin: With as busy as we’ve been this month, maybe sooner rather than later. Wishful thinking.


I’m very iffy on pulling the trigger and getting one.the water in my area is ridiculously horrible and from the companies I worked for that had them they sat in the corner in the shop because they would go thru filters and resin so fast

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WFP was one of the best additions to my arsenal. I love that pole you got. Super easy to extend and lock and you will never pinch your fingers.
The one thing I did change was the phoenix poles run the hose inside the pole which I didn’t like. I do a lot of construction jobs that don’t have grass grown yet and I was pulling clay from the tubes to the inside of the pole. Simple fix, though.
You’ll love WFP

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We have around 200 tds here . What’s your tds there ?

winnipeg runs between 150-200. i am running my wash it without the di as the ro is giving 3 ppm.

There are a lot of wash its that have been sold that the DI tanks have never been used in most areas where your TDS is below 300 you really don’t need the DI to get spot free rinse there are some areas where the minerals will spot unless they are completely gone you just have to use it without the DI and check the results. The ability to bypass the DI is one of the great features about this unit. If you need any help with a WFP or a filter set up feel free to give me a call I will be more than happy to help you find the best system for your business

Luke what brush is on that pole ?

It’s the brush that came with it lol

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Yes … lol I know that. What is the name of it. I’m pritty pritty pritty sure it has a name.

We run between 130-150 depending on what part of town we are in. I always run RO and DI just to prolong my Resin life. You could just run RO only with a TDS of 150 and be very cost effective still.

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Nah, Ive done a few homes the past 2 weeks. Back in the biz part time for November

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