My pure water set up under my cap

i run each tank off 3 micron sediment/carbon and 5 micron carbon up to 4 poles ( 2 poles per tank ). the yellow hose incoming (raw water ) is 75 ft i also have 125 ft more feet if needed. orange line ( pure water ) is 250 ft i think but i also have additional 150 feet when needed ( attachable using quick connects and y’s) to run separate poles and not needing to be tethered so close together. pressure is never a problem if anything i can dial it down after carbon before DI as needed ( 90 psi) tank max. tool boxes in cap hold everything else with yakima racks on top to hold ladders. reels actually came from harbor freight and tool and cost 20bux. i dont have specs as this is been in use since 2010 when i got the rig. i came out of a open bed rig with basically same set up. tanks are tilted a bit on my home made frame which is holding up nicely using pressure treated 2x4’s. i amy get into RO but i really dont like to reject rates. almost got the merlin unit but passed on it and still may get the axeon RO housing at some point but so far 8 years of pure water cleaning ive had only leaks as im sure we all have at times. i may make a bedslide or buy one but again this has been pretty straight forward set up. scratch removal gear fits nicely in back. i have painted side doors and a deep tint on rear glass so you cannot see into rig. plus i have a bitchen security system.

I saw this thread when you posted, but I guess I forgot to comment.
It was nice to see the setup, as most members trucks/pics are open beds.

The bedliners in our Rangers have funny molds that always shifted our sections to the side a little. (just enough to annoy.)
So I began building planks to level them off. - while doing so, I started coming up with other ideas.[INDENT]

  • incoming water comes in from the bottom right hose connector, running to the filters

  • you can disconnect the EZ pure, attach the strap and be mobile in a couple of minutes

  • the output and waste valve are covered by the plank, and run across the front of the bed and back to the connectors on the left

  • the inline TDS meter was tough because I had to create a T-fitting that fit the EZ pure tubing and fit if behind the meter/under the wood (covering the wheel well)

  • the area under the plank has room for a couple hundred ft of hose and I store the air hose in front of the filter/behind the sections.
    (this area was a completely open/waste of space before I got the EZ pure setup.) :slight_smile:

  • the pole(s) are out of the way, hung by hooks w/Loctite adhesive (liquid nails didn’t hold)


now that is a CLEAN set up you have quite a bit of room left over with that design. i hear ya on the bed liner my tank frame is held with straps but it still is annoying. i really like the space you created for hoses but being able to go mobile is pretty awesome since i have to be tethered to my rig at all times. i like being under a cap and mine has the tool boxes so i can store everything i need with the excetion of my poles. i like how you attached your wfp ( is that a aqua clean pole?). i havent found a good way to keep mine out the way just yet i may get pvc and attach to side of tool boxes but seeing your hooks i may go that route. can you hold ladders on top? my cap is the leer 100rcc and i wish i would have gotten it sprayed with a liner instead of the carpet. i am pretty happy being under the cap but i have a ways to go to get it the way i envisioned. i may buid a bedslide or buy one just not that handy so for now it works.