My "rig" if you will

Ian, unlike over here in Europe, a typical window cleaning company in the U.S usually drives a truck or pickup…big b’s rig is a typical w/c setup.

Sure over here we mostly drive vans–maybe it’s something to do with the weather or the price as trucks are more expensive as they have to be shipped from the U.S.

I think big’bs setup looks fine…sure its a working vehicle, with all equip to hand…what more could you want…?

I would be grateful to have a truck similar to his aswell. My car works for now, but it’s def not ideal.

2006 Ford 150
No lettering at the time of photo. Right now, I just have the door magnets. I’d like to put lettering on the canopy but I’m not sure it will stick well. Still working on a logo too.

Nice set up. If the cap is aluminum the vinyl should hold just fine. We have one truck with a cap and the lettering has been on there for about 3 years now.

Hey Jet, if you want a nice logo, call Ed Kuvlesky. I think that he has the hook-up on inexpensive graphics and logos. He’s on this board a bit, so find him and send a PM or email. I know he’ll take care of you.

Peace Brother,

I can also set you up w/ a buddy of mine that did my logo. Here it is on my card he just redesigned.

Need a good logo artist?

I just had my logo redone for 25.00 see attached. The artist lives in Colorado Springs CO and his name is Jared. He is very talented and best of all he is responsive and gets back to you directly. I even called him on the phone and he made changes as we talked in real time. If you are looking to freshen your look or start from scratch he may be able to help you. He also does website pages and banners. His contact number is 719-205-9424 and his website is

He gets my recommendation! EDK

Here’s a few pics of my rig’s. I cant tell you how many times I will be driving on the interstate and people will call me and say do you see the Lexus, Mercedes, etc. behind, in front of, or on side of you, that’s me. Here is my address, I would like an estimate.

Do yourself a favor, as soon as you can letter up your vehicle, DO IT!! It is the most effective and cheapest form of advertising, pay for it once, and 24 hours a day wherever your vehicle is, it is giving people the word about your company.

The customer’s we are all looking for, (AKA people with big bucks), want to use a company that looks professional.


Thanks for the info. I’ll check into that.

Thanks Tony, Can you PM his contact info?
How does the process work? Do I submit a rough idea of what I what?
What would I looking at pricewise?

PM sent Josh.