My "rig" if you will

I do all my work out of my mazda 3, saves a ton on gas and I am able to fit my 22 foot werner multi ladder in the back no prob.
Looking to buy a truck very soon though, with all the crazy ass deals that are going on right now.

heres the pic

I had a Mazda3 sedan rental car for a week after someone hit my car – I loved the way it drove.

Is that tint legal?

it is very fun to drive, tint in front is not legal in ca, however the picture does make it look a LITTLE darker than it really is.

More than crazy ass gas prices too though!!

Looks like 5% tint.
you law breaker you


With all the other crime going… I am sure the window tint police are gonna crack down one of these days.:wink:

5% is illegal in OKC but majority of the police cars have it.


I have had the windows “mobbed out” in every vehicle I have owned until my most recent. Never been pulled over for it. But get tired of not being able to see at night.

Your car looks cool. Do you put black background magnets on it?

get a toyota tacoma. I have a 1998 with a rebuilt engine and the thing runs like a champ. You are in Cali arent you? If you need the number to the shop that I got the rebuilt engine from i can hook you up. All they do is import engines from Japan, toyotas, mazdas, nissans etc. and you can get em installed for super duper cheap w/ a 1 year warranty. Heres my rig.

funny you mention that, I am looking at tacoms and tundras. Yeah I am in the San Diego. Nice Truck! How much did you pay for it? Nice website too!

The truck itself was given to me by my brother. He blew the engine out after like 250k+ and basically said I can have it just put in a new engine. Jumped on it and got it hooked up by a shop out here, the engine was 1400.00 and change for a rebuilt engine installed w/ a 1 year warranty. Thanks for the compliment on the website, I need to put more pics on it of me working and my rig and stuff. There is so much more I want to do to it. Do you have a webpage?

Chris let me borrow some things from his website which was really cool of him and Kevin at Panelessperfection let me borrow his 4 step process. Thanks guys.

Np BigB.

here is a pic of a system (that you call rig)


Wow nice! thats some serious RO/DI

Yeah that looks like an awesome system.

I love my systems, how sad is that, in the winter they get there own duvet

very nice. I don’t think that would fit in my little car though :wink:

would you put a can on your web page ? not very pro :rolleyes: this job pays well and the cost of a van/correct looking rig would pay you alot more back ( NOT HAVING A POP AT YOU) CARS ARE FOR PART TIME WINDOW CLEANERS.

Please understand where I am coming from, nice car looks nice, window cleaning needs to look pro with the right set up in the US you should know image is everything and others get left behind.


who are you talking to?

I could be wrong but I think the majority of window cleaners out here in the US drive trucks not vans. In no way am I saying vans suck or anything, i myself would love to have a van in addition to my truck but… im not a baller, at least not yet. haha. You have to understand not everyone has a boat load of cash to start out w/.