My tips on scoring mid-rise accounts

The following is part of my new book coming out “Rock Star Gig Getting Techniques for Window Cleaners”

#1. The fastest way I have found to get to the guys name who is in charge of the head guy is to flirt a little with the most heavy-set girl at the reception counter. Chit-chat a bit. Admire her jewelry. Sometimes I have often even got personally introduced to the head guy as though the girl and I have been friends for years.

#2 Let someone talk you into going to an Amway meeting. (Currently called BWW. I had to let you know or Larry would have.):slight_smile: I have met many affluent and influential people who will hire you and try to get you business as a sort of guilt trap to become involved in their organization. (The guilt doesn’t work on me because of #3.) Diversify here. There are many multi-level-marketing organizations, and they all respond very similar.

#3 Have Jewish in-laws. This by itself won’t work very often, but add a couple of grandchildren, and the window cleaning world is your oyster. everything from real estate, to movie directors. You may end up being the window cleaning guy on the set of Star Wars the T.V. series. (X-wing Fighters don’t have cockpit windows that clean themselves.) (I don’t think.)

#4 Call the number you would call if you wanted to rent an office or the like at the building you are interested in. Tell them that you would like to speak to whoever is in charge about some issues you may have with the condition of the outside of the windows of your potential office. Try to talk to the heavy set girl.

I hope these tips help in attaining more gigs. If not, well I feel accomplished I got you to read this far.

Have a Great Day!!

#3 Have Jewish in-laws. [QUOTE=elitewc;7741]

Take with a sense of humor. My wife is Jewish. (And HOT!) And I encourage everyone to find a nice jewish girl. Matzoball soup ROCKS!) I am not Jewish, so it should make it even more humorous. I’m not making it better am I?

Where’s my beer…

My wife is Jewish also…

find a “nice” Jewish girl? Where are they hiding lol

I was trying to be P.C.

I met mine in a comic book store, so it’s obviously pure chance, or karma, I can’t decide.

I married an O’talian. What was I thinking…

It’s really a toss up, 'cept you probably get more bruises.