My window cleaning tools, reviewed

I’m putting together a series of videos that showcase some of the tools that I use regularly. I’ll show you the good, the bad, and the ugly. Hopefully they will show enough information to help others make a decision on whether or not add these items to their tool box.

// Window Cleaning Tools Review Part 1 - YouTube

good job! you just need someone to hold your camera now…lol just joking i enjoyed the video.

Thanks, Mark.

Good stuff.
I don’t use any of the tools you showcased (except a bigger Ettore razor). I also find that buying specific lengths & sizes saves me time on the job. I actually have a hanging rack in the truck for squeegees all ready to go. And all the wands are also set up to go as well. If you wrap electrical tape around the Ettore cap it will last - just not too tight so it doesn’t bend it out of shape & not go back on the blade.

I guess I really am a one-man-show, even with my videos. I have an old camera tripod, I didn’t even think about it til now.

Nice Video Mark… keep em coming

well done .very good to first video,

looking forward to the next ones.

keep up the great work.



Nice job Mark…you said “Pimp” that’s too cool:D

Great video Mark, im anxious to see the next one!

Karlos>> do you have a pic of the squeegee rack you have in your truck? is it homemade? i was going to make one for myself too as right now they all sit in a bucket, id rather hang them ready to go in the van.

Great idea. Like Eric (CRAZY), I too have them all in a bucket. It can bugger up you rubbers when they’re all sitting together in tight quarters.

Great video Mark. Keep em coming. I always like to see what tools people like to use. A video really does say a lot more than verbal threads.

Yeah, just been out & taken these for you - sorry its a phone camera. Its a DIY one, made from one of those old shop hangers for postcards or hanging items. The stainless steel integral racking I have, its just bent round so that I can pull the rack off anytime I like. As you can see its a bit chocked with Squeegees, but there are 6 holders. I just don’t like my rubbers touching anything but glass. Some of the squeegees are still in their new wrapping - ready to go.
The inside is a mess, I know. Its too hot to go mad now! :wink:

Good stuff Kark. Thanks for posting this!

i was thinking a similar system Karlos. the plus side of hanging them is to give me more interior room on the floor of my van as well.

as always a great post :smiley:

Will someone who bought the WFP starter review it please.

(The grammer of that sentence just doesn’t seem right, but you know what I mean.)

My window cleaning tools, reviewed - Part 2

This video looks at the ladders that I use.

// window cleaning tools, reviewed. Part 2 - YouTube

Good stuff Mark, good to see what others are using.

Part 3 of ‘My window cleaning tools, reviewed’. Extension poles.

// window cleaning tools, reviewed. Part3 - YouTube

Those were some sweet poles Mark… Another great video please keep them coming.