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I have seen that name squeegee squad. It brings to mind GeeK Squad for the PC repair industry. I just thought it was not all that original to be honest. I see that kind of marketing stuff all the time. Someone steals a concept and tries to brand it as their own. Kind of like Microsofts “Where do you want to go today”? I see that slogan butchered to death all over the place. I love originality. That name may take them places- Its easy to remember.


You are not looking at it like a consumer is looking at it. You are thinking Geek Squad because you are focusing on the “squad” word.

The consumer is focusing on the “squeegee” part of the name. I do not even associate geek squad with them. It is not like when everybody stole the “Got Milk?” thing.

I will also say that a name is a teeny-tiny fraction of the big picture.

Biggest company in Jersey- All County Window Cleaning
Biggest company in Minnesota- City Wide

I am sure I can go to every city and find companies with lack-luster names sitting on top of the mountain. It takes a heck of a lot more than a name (let’s not even bring Fish into it)

However, to be remembered more easily, association is vital. No association, the more work we need to put into them associating it.

originality is overrated… Bo Peep Window Cleaning is original…

Theres is a company around here called [I][B]“peeping toms WC”[/B][/I] I think its hilarious. A female customer ( our Main buyer ) would probably think its creepy.

these guys?

I do not associate peeping with window cleaning, but I do associate it with my favorite past time.

Word. I used to surf the net all the time looking for interesting names to window cleaning companies (when I had the time). I saw one that I never forgot. I was called “wishy washers”. Man thats a terrible name. You might as well name your company half ass window cleaning. Just cut only one pocket out of the rear of your cheek chiller jeans:eek:. Theres a uniform for ya. One of the coolest ones I saw was KIng Kong Window Cleaning out of New York. Their logo had a picture of a gorilla holding a squeegee while hanging on a sky scraper. Looked just like the movie poster.

I found a King Kong Window Cleaning in Denver. New York makes sense, but Denver?

I just received an application for a window cleaning tech. and the guy’s name is
"Aaron Dripps." I thought that would be an interesting name for a window cleaner…

One of my best customers last name is Glassman. She just told me the other day she wants me to come every 4 weeks to make sure her windows are always clean now that they just renovated their house. Woo hoo! The first part of my last name means window in German. Danke:)

This is a joke, right? I don’t get the wording.

:smiley: LOL, that’s a killer.

I started off with a kinda Spanish name, being in Spain! It didn’t get me much business. I’ve changed twice since & stuck with the present one “Robinson-Solutions”. I think it all depends on what market you want. Lets face it, pick a cheesy name, you’ll get cheesy customers.
Funny thing is, the price hunters still ring some of the old company names I had with the same number looking for the best quote. Its a great position to be in when I tell them they just rang me. Here’s a theme I’d never of thought of…

This is a parody of the movie- Silence of the Lambs

I hope :eek:

I know this is an old thread…but being a newbie, I’m soaking everything in. Something that @sethfenster mentioned about his customer named Glassman. When I was first researching this venture, I came up with the name “Glass Masters Window Cleaning.” I made up a few business cards to see how they looked and shared them with some guys at work. The next day I came in and saw my card hanging on the break room bulletin board, altered to read…“ASS Masters Colon Cleaning.” with the tag line…“We dive deep into our work”

NEVER use the name Glass Masters in anything!

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Nah the name is awesome.

Great minds…

So,10 years later I’m still cleaning the Glassman’s house once or twice a year, and the rental house they own next door.


007 Window Cleaning to be at the top of listings that are alphabetically. As far as you name I can see it hindering maybe in some markets but if it’s your dream to have the family name as the business then I say do it just knowing you might have a few hurdles. All in all if you do good work and treat people right then it will grow regardless with the customers you truly want

You know, people are funny. They find the silliest reasons to use or not use someones services. Racism is a debilitating character flaw; it can be found in all races.
That being said, sometimes using your name for your business is good (Lucas Film), sometimes not so good Jeffrey Dahmer’s Bar-B-Que and Ribs. (Jeff was a cannibal if no one gets it).
There are pro’s and con’s to it, but you have to figure out if it works well for you.
There is guy South of me that has a great landscape business…M. Ramirez Lawn Service. He is successful and I’m sure takes his work seriously.
Do what you must, if you run into that low percentage of shallow folks, address it with a sense of humor and can do attitude.

P.S. You could call it The Secure Wall Window Cleaning and play that thing for all of the humorous marketing ideas you can muster. :wink: