Nano Ultra: Not so Super Hydrophilic Window Treatment

I have come to the end of the line with this product. I’ve been testing it for a few months now, and have made multiple applications on many windows, some my own, others on customers windows. The main purpose of the tests were to establish whether nano ultra does keep windows cleaner longer. In every test I’ve done the answer is a clear NO.

It simply doesn’t work. The theory of rain flushing the window clean is a flawed one, as rain is rarely so heavy that it floods down the window, and the increased surface tension of the glass seems encourage dirt to cling to it, and in any case, even if you spray the window with a hose it still wouldn’t loosen dirt that was just sitting on the glass. Also, on a few of the windows, the sealant failed within a month.

The only plus point to their product range is the stain remover and polish, which is very effective at removing difficult, stubborn stains, but to be honest, I imagine you can just buy any cerium oxide based product that would do the same thing, at a fraction of the cost.

So anyway, not impressed. Won’t be using it again.

Thanks for the information and testing. I have wondered if that product was effective in keeping windows cleaner longer. You just saved me a little beer money :slight_smile:

Is it effective at preventing hard water stains? That is the benefit I pitch to my clients, not that it will keep the windows clean longer

I don’t really know to be honest. I expect it is, as the water sheets evenly. We don’t really have to protect glass against hard water stains in the area I live in as its not a common problem, but if I were to use that as my selling point I would probably be inclined to use a hydrophobic sealant, they tend to be cheaper as well.

Were you using both products? The first step product is supposed to remove the stains and fill the microscopic pores making it hydrophyllic instead of hydrophobic. But then you have to use the second step product to put a barrier over this newly restored glass surface. If you just use the second step without the first it won’t work right.
see: Architectural Window Cleaning Technology

So, were you using step one only, step two only, or both products on each application?
By the way, did you experience a window that was previously hydrophobic and after using the 2-step nano-ultra products (both products, hence the 2-steps) seen that it made the window hydrophyllic instead? That would be the main reason I’d use this product, to make cleaning windows with WFP easier.

It should Larry. I haven’t used this product but have used other cerium oxide based cleaners and they did help some, but they only claimed to be a protective barrier for 6 months. Some are better than others. I haven’t used Nano-Ultra yet, but would consider it highly on a large job where a lot of hard water stains had to be removed. Especially if I suspected that the owners weren’t going to fix whatever reason had been causing all that staining. So… you pitch this product but don’t know if it is preventing hard water stains? :rolleyes:
Or do you use a different product made to do the same thing?

Yes, I am fully aware of how to use the 2 step product, both steps were completed on every window I tested it on. By the way, it doesn’t fill in the pores. The cerium oxide (step 1) is mildly abrasive, and is used to smooth out all the pores on the glass so that the glass is perfectly smooth, even at a microscopic level.

as regards it making it easier to WFP, it certainly would make it easier, but that would be rather expensive for you.
Matt Perry from perry window cleaning posted an interesting thread on the subject of making glass hydrophilic. Here it is

Well, we all know that not all products perform to expectations. I also have used a hydrophobic sealant but I won’t name it because It is put out by Chris and alex’s competitor

Very true :slight_smile: and I think I know which ‘other’ sealant you mean :wink:

I have used it. I have only used it to make the water sheet down. Both residential applications worked great. Not happy with the commercial app, the well water is just too much for it I guess.

I would not expect the window to remain cleaner longer, perse’, and would not use that for a client pitch either.

I need to check out the bronze wool though. :slight_smile:

Michelob ultra may work better than nano ultra

What are you looking to achieve w/ the bronze wool?

I believe that is what Perry wc used to turn hydrophobic glass to Hydrophilic, I need to check that post again.

I can guarantee that will not always work. But try and see if it does for you and where the glass is located(surroundings)