Natural cleaner for hard water?

Is there a natural cleaner for hard water spots? I’ve heard lemon juice works but have not used this.

If the stain isn’t to bad any citrus juice would work. I still wouldn’t want to carry around a bag of lemons for those just in case moments though.:wink:

If life gives you lemons … don’t buy more So**o powder :slight_smile:

well I wouldn’t carry the lemons, just a bottle of lemon juice lol. okay, so whats the best non-natural cleaner for hard water? thanks

I have heard that vinegar works, but to use it generously allowing it time to work. I have not tried it personally.

Joie ~ N. CA

I’ve used both. My preferences are cut half lemon for inside & vinegar for outside or larger areas. The halfed lemon goes down really well on tempered glass shower doors.

I’ve also used a number of formulated products from the main manufacturers.


Saferestore, but I have not used cc 550

Instead of S***o hard water remover I’d use diatemaceous earth or DE (not sure I spelled that right) as it’s pretty much the same thing. You can get it at any pool supply store.

Same thing that Curt showed on his video right ?
How’s that working for you Tony ?

At the MWCoA Seminar Kim Little did a great job talking about hard water stain removal. The key is to know what mineral you are trying to remove to determine what product. Saferestore is a green product but it is not a natural product. If you can not use chemicals to remove the hard water stains you could try the majic eraser by Johnson and Johnson Mr Clean. Also 0000 still wool works good also.

That’s the stuff Carlos.
I haven’t had a chance to use it yet. When I do I’ll let you know.
I will have some at the MWCC to talk about w/ the hard water stain removal discussion.

What about when the entire window is covered and looks almost frosted?

Start w/ things like A-1 or MDR and progress from there. It may require SafeRestore.

Seems like that would take a lot of time, I almost wonder if its worth what you would charge. I like to make $100 and hour so I wonder how much time it would take because if it took an hour lets say, I’m not so sure people would want to pay $100 for hard water deposit, what do you think? whats a good price for heavy hard water build up?

What makes you state that SafeRestore is “a green product?”

To do any effective removal you need to know what’s going to work so you’d begin by testing in a small area, lower corner preferably. If you’re not getting quick enough results w/ one product then move on to the next. It may take some time (I’d spend about a minute testing one product in a 6"x6" area) to do this testing but that’s part of the gig as far as I’m concerned.

Just descaled the kettle - 1/2 cup of white vinegar, dwell for 20 minutes :slight_smile:
That’ll do it for another week. :o

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Living in the vinegar capital, I still have to agree with this observation.
Unless you use a vinegar for the chemical industry very concentrated in acetic acid, on average you will find a PH oscillating between 2 and 2.5.
In addition, we sometimes forget that mixing an acidic product in soap/dishwashing liquid which are often neutral in PH, de facto loses the desired acidity.
Professionally speaking, I have seen people mix a small dose of hydrochloric acid into a strongly alkaline base product in the hope of taking advantage of the characteristics of a multi-use product.
This obviously results in useless molasses, neither acidic nor alkaline, this is the principle of saponification, you might as well use soap directly.