Need a Picture - $$

Hey folks

This is probably a long shot, but figured I’d ask. I need a picture of an elderly person cleaning a window. Preferably with windex or some other unpro. method. The message should be that cleaning your own windows sucks.

I’ll pay for a good one if its high res. None of the stock photo websites have any good ones.

email me at


Phew! I’m glad you explained the intended message, 'cause for a minute there, I thought you were going to say that elderly people suck…

Heh, no certainly not. Elderly folks are always my best customers, so I just wanted a semi relatable image to send to them.

My grandma says she’s in! Do you want her in her wheel chair, or should I prop her up with with a stick and have the chair in the background while she grips her back in pain! I think that would look great! We could also pose her in front of some of our local businesses. It could work well for your commercial route.

I want to see that!!!

Send her to Northern California so I can get some pix too!

Not high res. But funny

Email sent

Haha, sounds like a plan

And I’ll check email first thing in the AM pd (cant easily do it at home)

Carlos hooked me up