Need advice for new construction

Im doing some research for a friend who is building a modern house and hoping to get some advice from people in the glass cleaning industry. The house is 38’ tall with a flat roof and lots of glass. We will presumably get a maintenance agreement with a local window cleaner but I am trying to determine if we should have a tie off installed on the roof. Is this typically done on residential homes? If so I would think the cleaner would want to do their due diligence as far as safety is concerned. Is there any specific documentation that someone would expect or would pictures of the installation prior to the roof being finished suffice? Im not sure if one point is enough, how much horizontal reach would one expect from the anchor point?


What is the anchor points purpose needs to be your question, is it for fall arrest or fall restraint?
which ever anchor point you need, you will need more than 1. that being said you mentioned the roof is flat, does the property have parapet walls.

Really what you should get is a quote/recommendation from someone who installs anchor points to determine what if any anchor points would suit your situation.

Thanks for the reply
I would THINK it would be fall arrest but that is TBD
It will have parapet walls

It would be very helpful to install anchors on a house that tall. Not only for window cleaners, but anyone else that would be working high up (roofers, gutter cleaners, painters etc.)

I’m sure someone here will say “a 40 foot ladder will reach that”, but depending on the landscaping around it, that might not always be true.


Definite Yes. 38’ is really tall and the right cleaner that also does rope work will be able to work faster, better and safer. So if keeping the glass clean is a necessity, this could help a lot.

Consult a rope access company or find a production/stage rigger if you need to, but I think it’s a great idea.