Need advice on, bid 5 story hotel

Hilton garden inn

Has some stain issues, which I was asked to address in bid.

So I am asking for some input . Stain comes from air conditioning units in rooms. Lift for this area doesn’t look possible to me . I will be using WFP for the job . The stain is only in area shown.

So was wondering if I could dip one WFP brush in a soft wash mix. Give it some dwell time . Then follow with rinse from jets. It is stucco btw

Thanks John

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F9 barc 85ft boom lift and pressure washer give you better results then your idea. Also with your idea you would have to worry about dripping on thing on your way up, could cause problems

Spray Goof Off on brush works good

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I would do like Aviloria and rent a tall lift…

Do you have a backpack? I’ve never done soft washing before, but I would imagine you could put your mix in a backpack and then use an over the top type jet to spray it on, then rinse via your wfp setup.

Lift will fit after you remove stain you can clean windows as well. It looks like you would need an 85 ft lift to avoid getting on landscape as much as possible.

I have a cart , but no back-pack at the moment. I appreciate the input
Guys . I may just put two options in bid.

To me renting a 85ft boom lift just for that. Makes that option expensive for the client.

May just be better to run soft wash through my cart. And flush/ clean it after.


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Ask Mike from RestorePros. He can guide you through the process…