Need an unbiased opinion... Cox reels or SM stack kit at WCR

about the same price, but the cox reels i ordered last night are supposed to take 4-6 weeks to get here…

How do these stack up (no pun)?

SM Series Double Hose Reel with Stacking Kit


2 of these

Obviously I am biased but we have the ability to carry both brands but we decided to go only with the Summit Reels. They are of equal quality. The difference is they can get them to us quicker and we keep them right in stock, its hard to wait 4 - 6 weeks for a reel.

how long are we looking at?

How much for the Cox?

both are about $500

Both are good reels. We have both types. Either one will serve you well.

Just saw your order come through and will get to work on processing it asap. The reels will actually be coming direct from the manufacturer. The double reel set up with the stacking bracket is made to order but only takes a few days to get completed and should ship to you early next week. I will have tracking asap!

Thanks for your order!!

Are you using them for power washing or wfp?

I have a cox for pressure washing, and it has been nothing but a nightmare. defiantly trying a new brand next time around.

everything that could be replaced has been. Just hit 1 year old in feb.

So after speaking with the Summit Reels owner I found out that after 30 years in the business this is their busiest year. Which is good to hear since that shows the quality of their products. But this also means there is a slight bit more of a wait time. Still shorter then most at only about a week and a half before ship time. This time is because they actually build to order and as the busy season for supply orders is in full swing sometimes they are looking at building 50 or more a day.

But the wait time will always be be a week and a half at the longest( for ship out date) which means sometimes the order may ship in a little as three days depending on the quantities of orders. Also we hope to have a full stock back in our warehouse but they keep selling so well we cant keep them around!

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Thanks and congrats!

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I have sold many of these reels to window cleaners. As Kate said the best part is how fast they ship. I had one customer last spring who waited 6 weeks and still did not get his Cox reel so he canceled the order. That is when I started to look for a new reel we could carry at WCR. I was indroduced to the Summit Reel by a pressure washer. Do not forget about the Mini SM reel. We have those in stock and it will hold 150 ft of 3/8 hose.

i went with the larger summit reels. i want to have more than enough hose. might find some tiny reel for an extra 100’ of 5/16" hose incase i need to get just a bit farther on a job…

I’m assuming you have these by now… how do you like them? I’m needing some reels and don’t want to wait 6 weeks for cox reels. They look pretty high when stacked, has that been a problem at all?

i love the reels. They arent too tall when stacked, a couple inches shorter than my 1 cubic foot DI tank.

now my only issue is mounting the thing, as well as the DI tank. Right now its strapped in, but i need to bolt it down in the truck. Im just hesitant to bolt it down because i just bought the truck a month ago and its still my baby and i cant stand to drill a hole in her haha

Thanks for the reply, I’m going to hold off for now, to manage cash flow, but I’ll get some before too long

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yeah for sure, they werent cheap. after standing on my wet tailgate trying to reload my tractor supply reel wondering if i was going to stay on there or not-- i decided to get it.

i definitely save a lot of time. i actually kind of wish i didnt get the stacked version, and instead had them fabricated to hang from the ladder rack… but ohhwell