Need help estimating this commercial building

I was contacted by local pressure washing company that I network with. He said he had a lead on a massive (for me) office building. I went and took photos of the building and am estimating around 1000 windows between this building and a smaller building on the property. He would softwash the entire building and I would follow him soon after with the windows.

I can do it all with my WFP / trad on doors and low windows, I’m just unsure how to price it. This is by far the largest project I’ve ever done. There’s some trees and bushes in the front of the building that could cause some issue with wfp angles.

Id be working solo on the entire thing. I would expect it to take 2-3 days if I was lucky but I’d block out 4 to be safe and so I can take my time. It looks like it’s been a long time since they were last cleaned. My ballpark estimate for the project would be around 3000-3500 at ~100 an hour for the time I’d have in it. What do you guys think?

Both sides of the building look like this

The back is pretty much the same as the front with the three rows of windows with two indents like this. Less trees and smaller bushes than the front

Looks fun