Need help in Los Angeles, Ca area

Got asked to bid 5 buildings,.
Pressure washing and window cleaning
3 of the buildings are 4 stories, with roof to work on to do the 4th level windows.
2 are two story, with one of them having a “bell” tower

We will most likely be taking care of the interior of all 5, and exterior of the two smaller buildings

Don’t have the man power and equipment to do the 3 bigger buildings

Sq ft as follows

Any one interested???
It is a city project, with a 5 yr contract
I was approached by a friend who owns a building maintenance company
The work would be sub’d under them
We have our foot in the door already
They are just waiting for our bid/proposal
3 companies total putting in bids

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We’d love to assist. If you’d like to discuss you can reach me at 805-409-9668

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What is your contract rate to sub out for solo?