Need Help With A Bid On A Mega Church Windows

Hi Guys,

I really need some help on this bid. I have never done commercial windows. Here is what I have so far:

10 – 20 x 3 windows

26 – 3 x 3 windows

6 – double doors (all glass)

The windows need to be cleaned inside and out. This is a very large mega church (will add pictures later) and it is located in a woody area. I need prices for “as needed” , weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly cleanings.

Can someone get me started as to how to go about this? How should I charge?

Other Notes:

On the 20 x 3 windows I will need to use a combination on pole and ladder. They are accessible from the ground.

This is a very busy church. They have a daycare and a different program just about every day of the week. Most of the 3 x 3 windows will have to be reached by a pole/ladder combination as well. Some of the windows have tinted glass and they would like to have all the glass spotless and shinny. Thank you guys again for all the help,

My Pricing So Far

(9 man hours x $30 per hour) + (100 for equipment + $150 labor help)

Am I too low or too high? How should I go about doing this? Please advise.


Do you currently have a residential window cleaning business?

$30 per hour is too low, IMO. Target $50+ minimum.

What equipment is needed as part of that $100?

I would agree with the Mr Larry on the pricing aspect… I would also like to ask what part of the country your from?

Also factor in how dirty the windows are. Is it a builders clean? When was it last done? Gas prices to get there?
What new equipment do you need that you don’t have already use on residential?


Someone offered me the opportunity to bid on this account and I figured that it would be a great way to learn. As far as equipment, I am starting with nothing really. Ninety percent of the work that I do is small to medium size office cleaning. From time to time, I do the windows on these accounts. For that, I use a squeegee and paper towels.

For this job, I wanted to purchase a kit from maybe Unger or Ettore. What would you recommend? The Ettore comes with the following:

1 x 2 section 8ft REA-C-H POLE,
1 x 3.5 gallon bucket,
1 x 16oz SQUEEGEE OFF liquid concentrated soap,
3 x STAINLESS STEEL CHANNEL sizes 8in/20cm, 12in/30cm, 18in/45cm,
9 x RUBBERS ( 3 of each size )
1 x 10pk SCRAPEMASTER replacement razor blades,

I am located in Memphis, TN. The windows are not extremely dirty. I would say that they are about average. I didn’t ask how long it has been.

Gas is not a factor, because it is located 3 miles from the office.

How would you price this? All opinions are welcome. Good or BAD :frowning: Thank you in advance.


I think it’s best to sub this job out to a window cleaner.

If you want to learn to window clean. Work with another window cleaner. Join a window cleaning company for a several months or a year to learn the ropes. I think it’s best to learn window cleaning from the professionals, rather than just trying it on your own. If you join a window cleaning company make sure they don’t have outrageous contract demands.

I think you will be frustrated.

I think Chris & Alex do a starter kit. Go to [URL=“”]WCR shop.
If you haven’t done any pole work before, perhaps now is the time to start practising. If you do go for the kit, then get some surgical towels - & loose the paper. We all have to start somewhere, but its good advice to see how a pro does it. Have a look on Youtube under “window cleaning” & “window washing”. Or you couldn’t go wrong looking at some of the video’s on my blog :wink:
Good luck with your venture, keep trawling the forum: the answers are there for you.

Not sure if you meant poling from a ladder or separately. Using a pole on a ladder is not safe. You should maintain three points of contact while on a ladder, and you need two hands to use a pole effectively.