Need Help With a Sunroom!

Hey everyone,

I am new to window cleaning. I have a big sunroom I am cleaning with a ceiling glass that is about 12-15 feet up. They are long slanted panes. How would you go about cleaning the interior of these?

I feel like I’d need a telescopic pole for the squeegee and maybe an attachment so I can get the right angle in the corners? I am not sure and am somewhat stressing about it. If you have any feedback or products I should look into buying please let me know as I want to do this job well and need help from the experts here… Thank you.

The ceiling looks similar to this. The glass panes are longer however, and there are probably close to 20 of them.

Thanks so much for any help I seriously appreciate it!!

I’d order a moerman handle that goes to 0 degrees or angle adapter to make quick work of this on a pole. clean then when the sun is off them-schedule accordingly.
my $0.02
good luck with it

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Nice pic! Good luck out there!

Last sunroom I did, I used the Moerman Excelerator and pulled it towards myself on the upper panes. Took a little practice, but after a couple panes I was able to fan with it. Was much less straining than trying to look straight up.

Bring a large drop sheet, @ashields93

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@Infinity now I’m wanting to try some upside down fanning!!! I’ve been straight pulling.

Lots of dropcloths… pole half way down.
Traditional, to the bottom.

Unger 0 degree, straight pull all the way down, detail with a pole/wood tip/rag on the end.

That’s how I do skylights.

Moreman zeroed out with a Fliq also works.

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